YSR Navasakham Scheme AP Eligibility Criteria 2020

YSR Navasakham Scheme AP Eligibility Criteria 2019-2020

The current Andhra Pradesh government has launched numerous schemes for the betterment of the residents. The Chief Minister of the state, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has recently implemented a new project that will make things easy for the government officials as well as the beneficiaries of the various state-sponsored schemes. The official launch of the YSR Navasakham Scheme commenced on 20th November 2019. The scheme highlights that the state government will provide new cards for the beneficiaries of selected scheme. The issuance of the scheme passes will commence from January 2020. The Andhra Pradesh authority has stated that 12 schemes active schemes will be brought under this project.


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Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Residents of the state –In order to become the beneficiary of this scheme and get the new project cards, the applicants must be legal and permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh. They need to furnish the official papers, which support their claims.
  2. Beneficiaries of selected schemes – The project draft states that only those candidates, who are registered beneficiaries of the selected schemes, can acquire the pass for YSR Navasakham project.
  3. Must possess Aadhar card – It is necessary that the applicants have access to their Aadhra cards.
  4. Bank account – As many of the selected schemes offer financial benefits, the applicants must have access to authorized bank accounts.
  5. Different eligibility criterion – As the scheme includes several other projects, it will be the responsibility of the respective department to specify the eligibility criteria.
  6. Due verification – To attain the new cards under this scheme, the applicant must provide the volunteers with the data during the house-based verification. If the applicant fails this verification, then he/she will not be considered eligible for this scheme.

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The applicants need to get in touch with the rural volunteers to register their names. The offline application process ensures that the scheme beneficiaries will be able to provide their details to the volunteers. These details will be scrutinized and then the separate scheme cards will be issued in the name of

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