2BHK Double Bedroom Housing Scheme Telangana

2BHK Double Bedroom Housing Scheme Telangana Download Online Application Form Allotment details Eligibility Criteria, Check status, List, Last date @2bhk.telangana.gov.in

The Telangana state government has announced of launching the 2 BHK Housing Scheme for the beneficiaries within the state. The new housing scheme is a type of scheme under which the state government will be providing eligible beneficiaries with Affordable 2 BHK homes. As per the state government the process of completion of construction of homes under the scheme have already been completed for fiscal year 2015-16 during which over 80,000 homes were constructed.

In the same year the government had constructed 2BHK homes to be offered under this scheme during 2016-17. The government has also stated that it shall be constructing over 1.4 crore homes for distribution under this scheme.

2BHK Housing Scheme Telangana

Launch details

The new scheme for providing with 2BHK affordable homes has been taken as an initiative for implementation by the Telangana state government. The government aims at offering eligible candidates with the affordable homes for coming fiscal year.

2BHK Telangana affordable homes key features

  • As per the statements made by the state government the affordable homes provided under 2BHK category will be constructed having two bedrooms for each home. Apart from this, it will also be having facility for two toilets, one kitchen and one additional hall.
  • The government has stated that at the time of construction the square foot area for each home will be maintained with 560 sq.ft. (Plinth). The government has also stated that each house in the Urban area will be costing over Rs 5.30 lakh that will exclude the cost of infrastructure.
  • As per the government sources, each house constructed under this scheme will be marked under the category as G+1 onwards till G+9. The construction would in general depend on the land site quality.

How to get 2BHK homes Application form

Any candidate who is interested in applying under the scheme for affordable homes (2BHK) can get the application forms available at MeeSeva centers. The forms can be filled in directly and then submitted manually at the centers within the state.

  • On the application form the candidates are expected to provide with complete details related to personal information, and details of family members.
  • Applicants also have to provide with details related to description of the residence they are holding presently with address. A complete proof of income also has to be provided on the form along with contact details and bank account details.
  • Any candidate who wants to download the application form can also do it directly by clicking the link at http://tg.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/Application%20Forms/Housing/Application%20for%20Grant%20of%20Double%20Bed%20Room%20House-Application%20Form.pdf. You can request for a printed copy of the application form and fill in details before submitting.

2BHK Scheme – Telangana application process (How to apply)

In order to apply under the scheme candidates are only expected to visit the official MeeSeva centers within their state. They are expected to fill in the form and then attest all required documents along with it for submission. You will have to provide with additional set of information related to Aadhar card, and latest passport sized photographs along with the forms. To check with complete list of MeeSeva centers within each state you can click the link at  http://tgdept.meeseva.gov.in/TSDeptPortal/UserInterface/Admin/MeeSevaCentresList.aspx.

2BHK Housing Unit – Unit Cost

  • For booking the house in the Rural areas candidates will have to invest a sum of Rs 504000 for home cost, Rs 125000 for infrastructure cost. The total cost will be around Rs 629000.
  • For Urban areas the sum of Rs 530000 will be made for house cost and Rs 75000 is made for Infrastructure cost. Candidates will have to pay Rs 605000 total cost for booking.
  • Within the GHMC area Rs 700000 is made for cost of home while Rs 75000 is made for cost of Infrastructure. A total of Rs 775000 is made for the home.

Allotment process

The government has already stated that the affordable homes under the 2BHK scheme will be done on the lottery basis. The system of draw will only be followed for the eligible candidates for any locality. The government has stated that it shall be providing 60 percent of homes for outright sales while remaining 40 percent for direct purchase on hire basis.

Eligibility criteria

  • To apply under the scheme it is important that the candidate should not be holding any home under his name within the Urban area or under the agglomerations (Urban) in the state.
  • The candidate should have income that is below income limits fixed by the AP Housing boards. This factor would vary depending on the category.
  • The applicant should not be receiving any aggregate income from a source that is regular for pays, during the application process.

Reservation patterns under the 2BHK scheme

Incase of homes under the Outright sale or hire purchase category:-

  • HIG – a total reservation of 49 percent is valid under which 3 percent is for MP/MLA quota, 16, 6 and 9 percent for SC, ST, and BC category, GS gets 10 percent reservation while PH, FF and DP gets 1, 1 and 3 percent reservation.
  • MIG – total reservation is made for 49 percent with 3 percent booked for MP/MLA, 16, 6 and 9 percent for SC, ST and BC class, 10 and 1 percent for GC and PH category, 1 and 3 percent for FF and DP category.
  • LIG – Total of 49 percent reservation has been offered with no booking for MP/MLA category, 16, 6 and 11 percent for SC, ST, and BC category, GS category gets 10 percent while 2 percent each for PH, FF and DP category.

In each of the above mentioned category women will be getting over 30 percent reservation.

For self finance Scheme

  • HIG – total of 49 percent has been reserved while 5 percent is reserved for MP/MLA quota, ST, SC and BC will get 4, 14 and 9 percent, GS will get 10 percent reservation while 1, 1 and 5 percent each for PH, FF and DP category.
  • MIG – Total reservation of 49 percent is booked along with 5 percent for MP/MLA and 14, 4 and 9 percent for reservation under SC,ST and BC category, 10 percent is for GS while 1, 1 and 5 percent for PH, FF and DP class.
  • LIG – total reservation under LIG is 49 percent with no quota for MP/MLA. 14, 4 and 15 percent reservation has been booked for SC, ST and BC category while GS gets 10 percent reservation. 2 each will be provided to PH, FF and DP category as reservation.

Under this category 50 percent will be allotted directly to the other applicants.

You can also log on to the official website at www.2bhk.telangana.gov.in and collect more details or visit the link directly at http://hb.telangana.gov.in/allotmentProcedure.aspx.



In July, state Finance Minister of Telangana, Etala Rajender made an announcement that all financially handicap individuals will receive special attention while the state government will allot housing complexes. The state will offer double bed room apartments at ground floor so that these physically challenged people don’t have problem. Apart from this, state authority will also offer monthly pension of Rs. 1500 to these handicap applicants as well. For easy movability, they will receive free tricycles and two wheelers. All these schemes will make the condition of handicap individuals in the state.  The authority will implement these as soon as possible.

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