Amma Two Wheeler Scheme in Tamil Nadu [Form] 2019

Amma Two Wheeler Scheme in Tamil Nadu 2019 [Vehicle Specification, Subsidy for Women, Free Application forms Online/offlineDownload] 

The Tamil Nadu government is operating the Amma Two Wheeler Scheme to help women with getting to and from their workplaces and other spots they need to reach. The scheme will assist women with getting access to such places and with handling many of their personal needs. Women will be able to apply for the scheme from January 10 to Jan 21 to be eligible to take advantage of the program in 2019. The scheme itself is particularly an expansion of an earlier program for how it covers more funds that could be used for handling the transaction process.

Amma Two Wheeler Scheme in Tamil Nadu

Launch Details

1 Name Amma Two Wheeler Scheme
2 Portal
3 Application Form Submission Date Start- 10 Jan

Last – 21 Jan

4 Scheme Type Subsidy (50% of the total)
5 Launched by CM Of Karnataka (2018)
6 Subsidy will be started on 24/02 (Amma Jayalalitha Birthday)
7 Key People Women
8 Age Group 18-40
9 Event will attend by PM Narendra Modi

The Amma Two Wheeler Scheme was announced by the State Governor Banwarilal Purohit. The Governor made the announcement in the State Cabinet Assembly. This was utilized to help benefit women who need help with making it to their places of work and operation. The Program is designed to ensure that women can get the help they need for heading to their places of employment.

The overall launch of the scheme will take place on February 24. This will be fully launched by chief minister Edappadi K Palaniswami on that date. This also happens be the anniversary of the birth of Jayalalithaa.

About the Vehicle

A two-wheeler vehicle must be gearless or come with an auto-geared feature. The vehicle should feature less than 125cc of power. A retrofitted three-wheel scooter may be utilized by women who are differently-abled.

Features of the Scheme

  • The subsidy amount in the scheme is good for 50 percent of the vehicle of the vehicle or Rs. 25,000. The lesser total will be covered. The standard is an increase over the Rs. 20,000 limit that had been utilized in the past.
  • The money in the scheme will be sent to the woman’s banking account. This works provided she has submitted the appropriate documents for getting the program ready.
  • The vehicle can be bought through funds in the scheme supported by banks and non-banking finance companies alike. These will be subjected to the rules imposed by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • About 1 lakh women are expected to benefit from the scheme. Details on the funding is unclear but there are expected to be enough funds to cover that total amount of women who will qualify.

How to get Application form

  • To get the benefit of the scheme the applicants will have to download the application form online. The forms can be downloaded from these official links
  1. Application Form Rural
  2. Application form Urban
  3. Subsidy Form
  4. Form In Tamil
  • The applicants have the convenience where they can download the form in both Tamil language and English language.
  • The applicants can simply make the selection of downloading the application form for the scheme for Rural and Urban areas from the official website.
  • The applicant forms can be downloaded as PDF format and the applicants can take a print out copy of the forms before filling in the details and submitting.

How to apply online

  • Applications for the scheme are available at zonal offices around Tamil Nadu.
  • Women can start applying for the scheme on January 22 and will have until 5pm on February 10 to get their applications taken care of.
  • A woman must submit a proof of her age and address to get into the scheme. She must also offer an income certificate and occupation status.
  • An Aadhaar card and certification of her educational background are also required to confirm that she meets the standards for getting into the program.
  • Also, she must have a passport size photo to confirm her identity and information for the scheme.

How to apply Offline

  • For offline application, the candidates are needed to visit RTO offices. Application forms are available in these offices. Applicants are required to submit mandatory documents while applying for the scheme.
  • Each woman who is applying for the scheme has to carry documents such as age proof, LLR or driving licence, residential proof, Aadhaar Card, employment proof, income certificate, certificate of education qualification (minimum 8th standard passed) and passport sized photos.
  • After submission of above mentioned documents along with the application form, eligible women can apply for the scheme offline. In last January, 1.82 Lac women received learners’ licence for the scheme. As of now 10, 000 applications are processing under the scheme.

Amma 2 Wheeler Scheme Eligibility Criteria –

Women who wish to apply for the scheme must qualify first:

  • A woman must be a native of Tamil Nadu who also resides in the state. She must also be from 18 to 40 years of age.
  • A woman needs a license stating that she can legally control a two-wheeler vehicle. Her annual income must also be below Rs. 2 .5 lakh.
  • woman must have studied from Class 8 or greater to be eligible. Women from hilly or rural spaces will be given the first priority.
  • Women who are the heads of their households will also be given first priority. These include women who have been separated from their husbands, those who are differently-abled and tribal women. Transwomen are also eligible for the program.

List of Documents

Apart from the application form, the beneficiaries have to submit a number of documents to register under the scheme. There will be a field officer who will verify all the documents of the beneficiary for further process of the scheme. Required documents are as follows:

  • First of all the candidates have to submit age proof. Any certificate that proves the real age of the beneficiaries is to be provided along with application form.
  • The person applying for the scheme must submit residential proof. That is the permanent home address and supportive documents before applying for the scheme.
  • Employment certificate such as job details and designation must be submitted. Along with that candidate’s income certificate will also be required in the scheme.
  • Bank account details of the candidate are to be submitted by the candidate along with the other bank related documents such as copy of passbook and so on.
  • Beneficiary has to have a legal driving licence or a learner’s licence for two wheelers. Anyone who isn’t carrying a valid and active licence will not be eligible to apply for the scheme.
  • All the beneficiaries, applying for the scheme, must be studied at least up to 8th standard in any recognised school. So the applicant must submit the school certificate/education documents (passed or failed) at least till 8th
  • Community certificate that proves whether the applicant belongs to scheduled caste or scheduled tribe must be submitted. If the candidates belong to other backward class or any other special category, they must produce supportive documents.
  • For the vehicle, quotation or invoice of the vehicle is mandatory. Also priority certificate must be produced by the candidate at the time of application.

Verification Process

For verification process you can go here  “Verification Process

Selection committees will be responsible for determining who will be eligible to participate in this program.

The Amma Two Wheeler Scheme is designed to help women around Tamil Nadu with getting the vehicles they need so they can get to work and other engagements that they have to go into. This will be vital for women who need help with traveling to different places around the state and with managing their lives the right way.

Priority give to these candidates applications

  • According to the eligibility criteria women who are the sole earning member in the family will get priority under this scheme. In other cases they might not get any special preference.
  • Unmarried women who are aged more than 35 years will be eligible for the scheme. They will get preference for the subsidy as well.
  • Transgender or Divya will also get first preference in this scheme. In this case the applicant has to produce proper document in support of their status.
  • Widowed, unmarried, women under poverty line or underprivileged women are eligible for the scheme. They all have to produce supportive documents to avail the scheme.
  • Only one member in each eligible family will be eligible for a availing the scheme. If one member is availing the scheme no other member can apply for the same.
  • Women who belong to Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe have to submit caste certificate along with other supportive documents for availing the benefits of the scheme.

Relaxation Details

  • According to the scheme guidelines, without having driving licence beneficiaries would not be able to avail the scheme. However, recently the state government has announced that women with disability can apply for the scheme even when they don’t have driving licence.
  • Also Women with disability who don’t have licence can apply for the scheme within a day only. The state general secretary of Tamil Nadu has said that the authority may extend the time period for the women with disability.
  • On the other many women could not apply for the scheme within the deadline 2nd February 2018 due to holidays and such. The deadline has extended to 5th February 2018 so that more women can apply for the subsidy under the scheme.

Update (20/2/2018)

The current ruling AIADMK government in Tamil under the leadership of Palanisamy is set to implement the most aspirational scheme Amma Scooter Scheme which is announced by the Jayalalitha during the last assembly election.

To fulfill that, the current government has received the application from the rightful applicants across the state. And the event of distributing two-wheelers at subsidy rate to the eligible women is about to be held on the upcoming 70th birth anniversary function (24Feb2018) of Late Jayalalitha, where the PM Modi is expected to participate in the event.

Update (22/2/2018)

Tamil Nadu Association for The Rights of All Types of Differently-Able and Care Givers had pleaded to the High Court about increase in the subsidy under Amma Two Wheeler Scheme. On 21st February 2018, the Madras High Court has given a nod to the plea by the association.

According to the reports, HC has ordered the state government of Tamil Nadu to consider the plea for betterment of the women who are differently able. The association has asked for additional 25% increase in subsidy along with 50% subsidy for purchasing two wheelers under this scheme.

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