CCRT Digital Bharat Digital Sanskriti E-Portal And YouTube Channel

CCRT Digital Bharat Digital Sanskriti E-Portal And YouTube Channel Launched by Central Government

Digital platforms have a great impact on people of all ages. The central government has realized that the digital platforms can be tapped properly to bridge the cultural gap between the people of different states. The best way to do it is to educate the school students. In this light, the Indian central government has launched a portal and a YouTube channel to disseminate cultural information. The CCRT Digital Bharat Digital Sanskriti E-Portal And YouTube Channel have already been launched by the respective ministry.


Launch details

Name of the project CCRT Digital Bharat Digital Sanskriti E-Portal And YouTube Channel
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Announced by Sh. Prahlad Singh Pate
Target beneficiaries School students of Indian states
Supervised by Union Minister of Culture & Tourism
Date of launch 22nd Oct

Key features of the portal and channel

  1. Educating children about the various cultures – India is a culturally diverse country. The young school children will play an important role in the future development of the nation. Thus, they must be aware of the cultural aspects. The launch of these two digital platforms will offer easy access to such knowledge.
  2. Helping dropout candidates – Apart from offering cultural information, the central government is hopeful that the digital platforms will be play a significant role in bringing back the school dropout applicants into the normal education system.
  3. Organizing excursions – The central minister has highlights that it will be the responsibility of the authority to organize excursions for the school students. They will be able to embark on all-expenses paid trips to the North Eastern regions of the country.
  4. Teaching languages – India is a nation that has several regional languages. The two digital platforms will also help those students, who desire to learn more about the other regional languages.
  5. Developing the students’ talents – Access to these two digital platforms will help the students to hone their skills. They may be good at any art. The platforms will not only offer information but will encourage them to develop their skills.
  6. For specific students only – The educational tours will be conducted only for the students who study in standard 10 and 12.
  7. Selected regional centers of CCRT – For the time being, the central government has decided that all the activities will be monitored by from the regional head offices of the CCRT, which are located in Hyderabad, Guwahati and Udaipur.
  8. Launch of book and movie – On the occasion of the official launch of the portal and the channel, the central government inaugurated a book for the children. The name of this book is “Dewas ki Sanskritik Parampara”. It has been compiled by Shri Jeewan Singh Thakur. Additionally, a movie, created by Sunil Shukla named ‘Rahas’ was also launched, which sheds light on the various aspects of Raslila that is organized in Chhattisgarh.
  9. Tenure of the scheme – It has been stated during the official announcement that the portal and the YouTube Channel will be maintained by the central authority for coming three years. Based on the participation reports, these two digital platforms will be developed accordingly.
  10. Access to training for the students – The central government has also promised that they will take the necessary steps to ensure that the school students get adequate opportunities to develop their abilities. For this, they will get guidance from the experts of training institutes.
  11. Cooperation of NGOs – As the scheme will be implemented in a pan-nation basis, the central government has roped in Routes 2 Roots nonprofit organizations to assist with the task of implementing the scheme.

How can one access the portal?

  1. The central government has launched a new portal that will come in handy to offer cultural information to the students and people from all age groups.

  2. If you want to log in on this website, then you must click on the link

  3. From here, you will get the necessary details that you desire.

  4. The registration process, to access the contents of this portal, has not yet been announced. Once the details are shared by the authority, you will get in first on our site.

How can one access the YouTube channel?

  1. Apart from the cultural portal, the central government has also launched a separate YouTube Channel for dissemination of the cultural information.
  2. To access the YouTube channel, one must click on the link
  3. The channel will not only give easy access to the students, but will also help them to learn new things.
  4. If they have any special talents, they can make videos and upload them on this channel.

New age school students have access to the internet and computers. They own smartphones, which gives them easy access to digital platforms. It is a smart move by the central government to educate school students about the cultural diversity of the country. 

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