Anna Canteens Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

Anna Canteens Scheme in Andhra Pradesh Thali Details, Meal Price, Places 

During 2014, the Telugu Desam Party highlighted several schemes and developmental programs, for the common people of the state. After coming to power, they started launching these schemes to keep their promises. One such much talked about project was Anna Canteens Scheme. Under this scheme, the state would operate and run several affordable canteens in the state, offering good food at low cost. Recently, this scheme was officially implemented in the state.

Anna Canteens Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Anna Canteens Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched and announced by N Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister
Official date of implementation 11th July, 2018
Supervised by Akshaya Patra Foundation
Target beneficiaries Poor and labor class


Key features of the scheme

  1. Offering affordable food to all – The state government aims to provide common people with food at affordable rates. These canteens will serve food to common people and provide the nutrition that they require, outside their homes.
  2. Monitoring food quality – Street-side stalls, which sell food are not very hygienic. With the implementation of this project, government will directly intervene and maintain high quality of food easily.
  3. Targeted towards labors – Though anyone can walk into these canteens and enjoy a meal, these have been opened mainly for serving poor people. Labors, street vendors, cart pullers and others with blue collar occupations will be able to attain a nutritious and fulfilling meal at very low prices.
  4. Total number of canteens opened – On this day, CM Naidu opened as many as 60 canteens in the area. These started serving commoners almost instantly.
  5. Estimated additional canteens – CM Naidu also stated that in days to come, around 203 additional canteens will be opened. In time, the entire state will be brought under this scheme.
  6. Total meals served – Each day, people will be able to enjoy three different meals. They will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  7. Government’s share – As per reports, Akshaya Patra Foundation will shell out Rs. 23 and the GHMC will offer a subsidy of Rs. 18 for preparing each meal thali. It will ensure that people get quality food.
  8. Future plan – Popularity of high-tech food joints like McDonalds and KFC is rather high among people. But these places are too expensive for people of limited means. CM Naidu said that they have plans for revamping the look of these canteens in future. They will sell similar food and will also pay attention to maintain such high levels of cleanliness.
  9. Security of canteens – Apart from this, state government will soon install CCTV in all operational canteens. It will allow canteen managers to monitor all activities. Apart from this, installation of iris and fingerprint scanning machines will be done.

Thali menu, Price (Food details)

Each day, each canteen will provide three distinct meals to commoners. They will get breakfast thali that will contain 3 idlies or pongal or upma. The menu will be rotated to eliminate boredom. For lunch, candidates will be served 400 gram rice, curry, pappu, rasam and butter milk. While for dinner, people will receive 3 pulkas and curry. Good news is people of all economic classes will be able to enjoy this meal without worrying about their budget. The state has announced that each breakfast, lunch and dinner thali will be available for Rs. 5 only.

Canteen places

The first canteen was established in Velgapudi, when this project was only in its pilot phase. It is located in Amravati area. During the official implementation, 60 canteens started functioning in Vijayawada. CM said that one canteen will be opened in an area that has at least 35,000 people. Later on, new canteens will be opened at Mangalagiri and Nandyal. At Ongole, these canteens will be constructed in four separate locations – Raitubazaar in Kothapatnam Bus stand area, New Vegetable Market, Bapuji Market, and Kurnool Road Flyover region.

With more of these canteens coming up in future, people, especially those, belonging to labor classes will not have to worry much about getting finger-licking good and nutritious food, near their locations. State CM has also mentioned that necessary changes and developments will continue to take place, to make this food scheme more successful.

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