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Health insurance is important in any country as it helps people in the time of need. There are a lot of health insurance scheme that is being run in the country by private and public sector companies. One such health insurance scheme is the Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana which is a scheme that helps needy families in the time of health problems.

Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana

S.No Things Need to Know about Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana Detailed Information
1 Name of the scheme Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana
2 Scheme launched by Goa Government
3 Objective of the scheme Provide health insurance to the residents of Goa
4 Target of the scheme All the residents of Goa
5 Scheme implemented in The State of Goa

The Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana was launched by the Chief Minsiter of Goa on the Statehood day of the state. This scheme is designed in a way that should benefit all the residents of Goa, regarless of their income and status. this scheme has been made applicable to all the residents of the stste who have been living in the Goa for 5 or more years.

With the launch of this scheme Goa becomes the first state in India to have a health insurance scheme which benefits all the residents of the state, without any limitation on the financial backgrounds. This scheme will help the people who do not have enough finance for treatment and also save people from high medical expenses.

Objective of the scheme

Providing social and health wise security to the residents of a state is very important so that one can live peacefully. Health insurance is an important form of security that any central or state government can provide to its residents and keeping this in mind the Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana has been launched. This scheme will provide health insurance to the residents of the state, regardless of their financial state.

The main objective of the scheme is to improvise the medical services of the state so that people of the state can avail better and quality medical care and treatment. The scheme will try and improve the condition of both private and government based hospitals and provide quality hospitalization and surgery.

This is a welfare scheme that will strengthen the society and provide the most ideal health insurance scheme to the residents of the state. The scheme aims on changing the health sector of the Goa in a better way.

Coverage under the scheme

  • Under this scheme the family enrolled will be given an insurance coverage of Rs.2.5 lakhs in a year. This is applicable for families of up to three members or less.
  • For families which have four or more member will be given a medical coverage of Rs.4 lakhs in a year. Now one has to understand that the full amount can be used by a single member of the family or by all the members in the time of need.
  • The benefits will be given to the enrolled families on a cashless basis o that there is not problem in the transfer of money. Also the scheme is applicable in all the government and private hospitals of Goa.
  • For each of the family the insurance premium in a year is Rs.3206. This amount is paid by the state government.

It has been made clear that in not condition will the insurance coverage amount be increased more than Rs.4 lakh in a year.

Smart card

Once a person is enrolled to the scheme the person will be given a smart card which will enable the person and his or her family to avail the benefits offered under this scheme. The card this is provided is called the Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana Smart Card. This card can be used by the family members of the registered families in availing cashless treatment facilities in the hospitals that have been made a part of this scheme. Once you go to the hospital your smart card will be scanned and the cash will be deducted for paying the bills. This comes as a beneficial and convenient facility for the families registered under the scheme, in the time of need.

The technical partner of the Goa government is the Goa Electronics Ltd, who will be responsible for issueing the smar cards for this scheme. And United India Insurance Company Ltd will provide insurance coverage to the people of Goa as a part of this scheme.

Eligibility of the scheme

The eligibility criteria laid down by the state government of Goa for this scheme are-

  • The scheme is applicable for all the residents of Goa who have been living in the state for five year or more than that. This scheme is available to the residents of Goa regardless of age.
  • Once you enroll for the scheme your family becomes eligible for the scheme benefits. So each member of a family need not enroll for the scheme separately. Now a family would mean husband and wife, their unmarried children and the couple’s dependent parents.
  • Any person who is already covered under any similar health insurance scheme of the central or state government will not be applicable for his scheme.
  • So the state and central government employees and their immediate families are not applicable under this scheme.
  • It has been announced that people having the smart card will be covered under this scheme for the treatment of 276 types of diseases in the government hospitals and 147 types of diseases in private hospitals. The insurance will cover the whole process of treatment inculding investigation, treatments and medication.
  • In a case where the expense of the treatment go beyond the covered amount, the patient or the family of the patient will have to bear the extra amount.

Documents required 

The list of documents that would be required if you want to apply for the scheme are listed below-

The list of documents required to apply for the scheme Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana ·         Aadhaar card number

·         Application form of the scheme, filled correctly

·         Copy of your ration card

·         Address proof of your family that proofs that you are a resident of the state for 5 or more years

·         Caste certificate of you belong to Schedule caste or tribe

·         Non-creamy later certificate of you belong to the OBC category

·         Disability certificate from the Medical Board in case you belong to that category

All the above mentioned copies of the documents in the table have to be self-attested by the applicant and then attached to the application form for submission.

Helpline facilities for the people of Goa

In order to make this scheme easily available to the people of the state the government has setup almost 17 centers accross the state where all the registration and enquiry procedure would take place. the smart cards will be provides through these centers itself.

For applying for this scheme you have to visit these centers where you will be guided with the application process.

In case you need to know about the registration centers that are located close to you can visit the following link- http://www.ddssygoa.com/Location.aspx. Once you know where the center is located you can visit the center with the application form and the required documents and apply for the scheme. This will make sure that the residents of Goa who want to apply for the scheme do not have any inconvenience in registering for it.

Application Process

  • To apply for the scheme, beneficiaries are needed to visit the Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Centres that are established in various places across the state.
  • All of these centres have concerning officials who will help the beneficiaries to enrol their names under the scheme. They will be provided an application form to fill in with the correct details of the beneficiary.
  • Beneficiaries are required to submit mandatory documents such as Aadhaar card and so on to the officials in the centres. After verification of the documents, the beneficiaries will be able to get the forms.
  • They need to submit those documents along with the application form to the concerning officers present in the DDSSY centres near the beneficiaries’ location. They will further process those documents and application for enrolment of the beneficiaries.
  • There are 17 centres established across the state. The beneficiaries will have to carry the registration fees as well for enrolment. The centre details and fee details are mentioned below.
  • Subsidies: For the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe category, Non-creamy OBC category and people who are differently able but head of the family, 50% concession on registration fees will be provided.

Registration/Application Centres:

  Locations Number of Centres
North Goa Bardez 2
Bicholim 2
Pernem 1
Sattari 1
Tiswadi 2
South Goa Cancona 1
Dharbandora 1
Ponda 1
Sanguem 1
Mormugao 1
Salcete 2
Quepem 2

DDSSY Renewal Process

  • Under the Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana, the beneficiary can renew the insurance or re-issue the Smart card for more time if they wish too.
  • According to the rule, the beneficiary has to pay the Annual Renewal Charge of Rs. 100/- for the renewal of the Smart Card under this scheme for another year. For renewal the beneficiaries have to visit to the Centres established by DDSSY authority.
  • Officials who are in-charge of implementation of the same will guide the beneficiary to renew the policy for another year. Beneficiaries will have to apply for renewal along with payment of fees to the officer-in-charge in the centre.
  • For the stake holders, such as hospitals or insurance companies, renewal process can be done through the online login to the official website.
  • Renewal Fees: For each family that contains 3 or less numbers of family members will have to pay Rs. 200/- for the registration. Families that contain 4 or more family members will have to pay Rs. 300/- for the registration process.

Application fee

For applying for this scheme the families of Goa have to pay a registration and annual scheme renewal fee. The families who have 3 or less than 3 members will have to pay Rs.200 at the time of registration and at the time of annual scheme renewal. And for families with 4 or more than 4 members the fee would be Rs.300. it has also been mentioned that for families that belong to OBC, SC or ST category will get a 50% concession in the registration and renewal fee. But proper proof has to be given for getting this concession.

The new insurance scheme launched by the goa government Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana would helps the needy family during the emergency person and it’s highly welcomed by the common person in the state. Also experts in the state suggest that the benefits should reach the needy people who are rightfully eligible to avail those.

Latest Update (5/3/2018)

According to the latest news, the government has not only extended the contract with the existing insurance company but also has given some relaxation in eligibility criteria for beneficiaries as well. Earlier, residents who have stayed in Goa for more than 5 years were eligible for the scheme. However, currently, the government has announced that those who are staying in Goa for past 2 or 3 years can also apply for the scheme. They will also be eligible for the scheme. However they have to pay the entire premium for the whole family to avail the scheme.

The authority has opened a tender for the insurance companies after revising the rules for the scheme. There will be more coverage of processes. Now 456 procedures will be covered instead of 447 like earlier under this scheme. This includes 20 ayurvedic procedure and 19 diagnostic procedures. This may lead to increase in cost of procedure for the government by 20%.

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