Arogya Karnataka Yojana (Yojane) Universal Health Scheme 2020 Budget 

Arogya Karnataka Yojane Universal Health Scheme 2018 Budget 

Replicating the central health insurance scheme called ‘Modicare’ the Karnataka government has started its own healthcare scheme. This will be called the ‘Arogya Karnataka Yojane’. It will give healthcare to all the residents of the state.

Arogya Karnataka Yojane Universal Health Scheme

Launch details

This scheme is all set to start. It was announced on Friday, 16th February 2018. By the end of 2018, this scheme is likely to be extended to the entire state.  In the budget of 2018-19, Siddaramaiah had first announced this scheme.

Scheme features

  • Three degree treatments: The scheme will ensure that the patients get primary, secondary and tertiary treatments across the state, to all the citizens.
  • Health centers building: Around 9000 health care centers shall be set up. The existing sub-centers will also be built and around 571 centers will be built in this year itself.
  • Public accountability: To make sure that hospitals have public accountability, the number of child births, in-patients and outpatients shall be displayed to all.
  • Health council set up: The state shall set up a health council to look after the health programmes and the mandate policies and to keep a check on the effectiveness of them.
  • Reduce child mortality: To reduce child mortality, the state will ensure that child health services are improved. This shall be done in the next 7 years period.
  • Detection: The non-epidemic diseases shall also be segregated from the rest and it will be treated differently. Specific technologies shall be used for detection.

Budget for the scheme

The budget for the scheme has not been disclosed yet. However, for the entire health and family welfare of the state, the government has set aside Rs. 6645 crore. The government has granted Rs. 90 crore for the construction of hospitals and medical colleges. This can also cover the proposal of 1000-bedded wards in the Bengaluru Medical Hospital.

This scheme will make healthcare highly advanced. Also, there shall be a lot of improvement on the infrastructure of the healthcare department. It will ensure that people are able to get proper information from time to time.

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