Awaz Health Insurance Scheme Kerala – Especially for Migrants Workers, Application Process

Awaz Health Insurance Scheme Kerala – Especially for Migrants Workers, Application Process

The Kerala Government has announced a new health scheme called “Awaz Health Insurance Scheme”. This scheme is aimed towards the migrant workers. If you are one, you have to apply online to get the benefits of this scheme.

Awaz Health Insurance Scheme Kerala

Launch details

This scheme has just been announced. The government has so far declared that they plan to take in the applications till 31st Dec 2017 only. Apparently the launch of the scheme will attract 5 lakh inter-state migrant workers.

Key features of the scheme

  • Need for the scheme: This scheme developed because according to the data collected, there were a lot of Bangladeshi workers in the state. This scheme would help identifying them.
  • Insurance providing: This scheme aims to provide death insurance to migrant laborers up to Rs. 2 lakh, along with a health insurance of Rs. 15000.
  • Data collected: To make sure this scheme gets implemented correctly, the government has collected the data pertaining to the migrant workers in the state.
  • Smart card: After collecting everyone’s personal data like biometric details and personal records, the government will give them a smart card to get the benefits of this insurance.
  • Health card: The government will issue smart health cards once to get their valid ID proof and once again on a real time basis once they are shifted.
  • Where to obtain it from: You can obtain it from the 14 centers around the state. Also the government will set up registration booths in 200 locations around the state where you can get these cards from.
  • Awareness campaigns: The department has also tied up with FM radio stations to spread the awareness about this campaign so that more and more applications are gathered.
  • Database preparation: A new database is being prepared by the government with the help of which the registration process can be concluded easily and smart cards can be distributed.
  • Smart card details: The smart card will contain details like your thumb print, your photograph, your address, etc. to ensure that there is full transparency and it is valid.


  • Residence: You must be a resident of Kerala territory to obtain the benefits of this scheme. It is an exclusive scheme available only to the workers of Kerala.
  • Age: It is also targeted towards the workers whose age is between 18 to 60 years only. Only adults can apply for this scheme.
  • Individuals: This scheme is not aimed towards any company, firm or group. It is rather devised for the individual migrant workers of the state.

How to apply

The government is yet to announce any method for application. But most probably they will invite applications online. So you will have to go to their main portal which is and keep checking it regularly for updates.

They have dedicated sections for each department where they may invite online applications. Since the registrations have not yet begun, the applications are not available as of yet. You can keep checking this space for more information about the application process. Also keep an eye on the Kerala official portal for more details.


To fund this initiative the government has collected 10 crore rupees. This fund will go into registering the candidates and in future more funds shall be allocated to the smart cards so that they can avail its benefit and obtain the health insurance scheme. They will also negotiate with the insurance companies and therefore it has not been finalized which insurance provider will work for this cause.

So it is clear that the state government has kept in line with their previous motto “Swasthya Dhan Hai” or “Health is Wealth”. This scheme will help the government bring the migrant workers into a registered process and will give them valid documents through which the government can have a record of them. Also, the migrant workers get the benefit of health insurance.

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