Badikosta Scheme (Free Bicycles Scheme) in Andhra Pradesh

Badikosta Scheme (Free Bicycles Scheme) Program 2018 for Female Girls Govt Students in Andhra Pradesh Eligibility Criteria, Mobile App

In rural areas, girls don’t get equal chances of attaining education. They are seen as burdens, and parents prefer sending their boys to schools. The central and state governments have made several attempts to encourage parents to send their girls to school as well. Free books, education, mid-day meals are some reforms, which offer this encouragement. Now, the Andhra Pradesh government has started a new scheme named Badikosta Scheme. Under this, all female candidates, studying n government schools, in 8th and 9th standard will receive free cycle from the state government.

Badikosta Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

Launch details of the scheme

The revised announcement for this scheme was made by the state government on the 15th of June, 2018. Originally the scheme was started during the financial year 2016 – 2017. The distribution of free cycles will start from Chittoor district in AP.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of girl students – The implementation of this scheme will assist in the development of the overall education system in the state.
  2. Increase attendance in schools – The free cycles will be distributed among the female students of 8th and 9th class so that they don’t face any issues in getting to the school on a daily basis. It will help in increasing the overall attendance in the schools.
  3. Number of beneficiaries – The scheme has been started with the distribution of free cycles to 32,000 female candidates, living in the Chittoor district. Once the distribution in this region is complete, attention will be paid on the same task in other areas.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  1. Residents of the state – It has been mentioned that only those female candidates will be able submit their application, if they are legal residents of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Students of government institutes – It has been mentioned in the scheme that only girl students, studying in government schools will be able to apply for the free cycles.
  3. Only for candidates of 8th and 9th standard – The scheme will offer free cycle to only those female students who are currently studying in 8th and 9th There are other benefits for girls of other classes.

Budget for the scheme

The state government has allocated around 140 crores for meeting the financial requirements if this project. Of this money, around Rs.12 crore will be spent on the female students, living in the Chittoor district.

Other programs for betterment of educational framework

  1. Free karate lessons – To offer self-confidence to the female students of classes 9 and 10, state government will appoint a teacher. The responsibility of this teacher will be to teach the candidates karate. Thus, the girls will be able to protect themselves from eve teasers.
  2. Five eggs per week – Earlier it was decided that state will offer three eggs, during every week to each student in mid-day meals. That decision has been revised. Now, children will receive five eggs every week.
  3. Free text books – Apart from free text books and cycles, state government has identified 450 schools, where it will start English medium as well. Here, students will also receive text books, without paying any fees.
  4. Free uniforms – All students, falling within the bracket of 1st and 8th standard will receive two sets of uniform. It will also be offered by state government, free of cost.
  5. Virtual classrooms – The state is also paying attention towards the development of internet access and connectivity in urban as well as rural areas. It will assist in the proper operation of virtual classrooms in government schools. It is an exciting way to teach students.

Badikostha Mobile app

A distinct mobile application titled ‘Badikostha’ has been launched and is available for download on Google Playstore. This app must be downloaded on the mobile phones/tablets of school/Head master and utilized for updating the data related to the delivery of the bicycles to each student per day by HM/PET.

Schemes like these not only help the female candidates in getting education, but also assist the state government in achieving its education related goals. The Andhra Pradesh government will come up with new developmental schemes for giving a boost to education within the state.

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