Sarba Khyama Yojana in Odisha

Sarba Khyama Yojana in Odisha 2018 Regularise Unapproved Constructions Application Form Process, Eligibility Criteria

All buildings, constructed in any area needs to possess some legal certificates. There are some rules of construction, which have been prescribed by the urban development department in each state. Every building, be it residential, institutional, commercial or otherwise, must abide by these construction rules. If not, then the urban development authority has the power to demolish these buildings legally. But with the implementation of Sarba Khyama Yojana, the state government of Odisha is offering pardon to all those building owners, who have failed to maintain those laws.

Sarba Khyama Yojana in Odisha

Launch details of the scheme

This scheme is not a new addition. It was announced and implemented for the development of real estate in the state on 2001. But due to unsatisfactory results, it did not remain active after 2008. Now, the state government is implementing the Sarba Khyama Yojana again in 2018. This announcement was made by Odisha Housing & Urban Development Department on the 21st of June, 2018.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Designed and developed by Odisha state government – This project has been designed and developed by the Odisha government. It will be implemented in the urban areas of the state.
  2. Regularization of unauthorized constructions – The number of unauthorized buildings is high in urban areas of Odisha. Under normal circumstance, the state department issues a notice and demolishes such buildings. But with this real estate pardon project, the state will offer regulation to such violators, if they pay a certain penalty and stop further construction.
  3. For all types of buildings – No discrimination will be made on the type of building. That means, all residential, commercial, institutional and clinical buildings will be brought under this pardon program for the development of real estate.
  4. Constructions on legal plot – The amnesty will be offered to those building owners who have completed the construction on a legal plot and possess such certificates.
  5. Duration for application – All interested applicants, who desire to receive the amnesty, will have to submit their applications, along with necessary documents within 21st June and 19th December, 2018. Thus, the total duration for application is six months.
  6. Permissible deviation percentage – Earlier, the state pardoned those buildings, where the percentage of constructional deviation was 10% or less. But with the re-launch of this scheme, the state government has increased the deviation percentage rate to 50%.

Documents necessary for the scheme

  1. Residential papers – Only building owners, who have residential proof of being residents of Odisha will be able to apply for this pardon program.
  2. Legal plot papers – Only those building owners will be able to receive this pardon if they have legal papers of the land on which the construction has taken place.
  3. Application form – For attaining the pardon, all building owners need to collect the application form, fill it, attach necessary papers and submit it at the respective office.
  4. Fire license – In case of commercial and multi-storey residential apartments, the owners must submit fire clearance papers as well.
  5. Construction plan – Along with the plot papers and fire license, the owner will also have to submit construction plan related papers.
  6. NOC – In case the building is situated on a plot that is more than 300 sq. meter, then the owner of the building will have to get a formal NOC or No Objection Certificate from the people settled in the neighborhood.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. All applicants will have to make the application offline. There is no online application process for attaining the pardon.
  2. Candidates need to get to the Housing and Urban Development office in Odisha. Then they need to collect the application form.
  3. Once they fill in the form with all correct details, they need to attach every piece of legal document that has been mentioned in the scheme details. These documents will come in handy for making background checks.
  4. Once this has been done, the applicants need to pay the specified penalty fee and submit the papers at the state urban housing development office.

Schemes like this eliminate the need for demolishing the buildings. It will send the message to the real estate developers and common people to refrain from constructing buildings illegally. This will be an eye-opener for people who are associated with the real estate business, as they tend to deviate from the legal construction norms.

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