Scholarship Scheme List in Madhya Pradesh 2018

MP Scholarship Scheme List on Shiksha Portal 2018 Class Wise 1st to 12th Class Students, Apply Online, Check Application Status, Registration Form Process, Amount

The Madhya Pradesh government is pulling out its big guns to ensure that students, living within the state boundary does not face any hurdles to reach their higher education goals. It has announced several scholarship schemes, which will offer financial aid to students from class 1 to class 12. The students will be classified according to their merit and standard. These financial aid schemes will ensure that they can concentrate on academics, without worrying about monetary requirements. All schemes and associated details will be available on the official Shiksha Portal for 2018 -2019.

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Features of educational schemes

  1. Attaining financial aid for education – The main aim of the scheme is to offer students money that can be utilized for their educational betterment.
  2. Checking the details and scholarship amount – Apart from applying for any scheme, students will be able to get a better idea about the scheme requirements. They will also be able to calculate the amount of money that they will get in case they are selected.
  3. Categorization of scholarship schemes – It has been mentioned by the MP government that all educational scholarship schemes will be categorized under five separate groups. They will be grouped as A, B, C, D, and E.
  4. Eligibility for application – All students, studying in classes 1 to 12 will be able to apply for these scholarship schemes. Each scheme has its own eligibility criteria. If any applicant has all the required points, he/she will get the monetary aid.
  5. If eligible for more than one scheme – In case any student is found eligible for more than one educational scholarship scheme, he/she will be offered the grant that offers more money. Under no circumstance can one applicant get two scheme benefits.

Scholarship Scheme according to class

  1. If any students in interested in checking the scholarship scheme list, to attain better information about the grant programs, then he/she has to click on the official link of the MP Shiksha Portal. The link is
  2. Once the applicant reaches the homepage, he/she has to click on the link that is marked as “छात्रवृति की योजनाएं” or scholarship schemes.
  3. It will trigger the site to open a separate page. On this page, applicants will see a link that is marked as “Search Criteria By Class.” As the name suggests, it will offer applicants details about all grant schemes, in a categorized and class wise manner.
  4. Once the applicants type in the academic year and current standard in which, they are studying, the site will present a page that contains details of all schemes, designed for students of that class.
  5. It is possible to generate a manual search to attain scheme details. It will also allow the applicants to see how much cash the state government will offer under that particular educational grant scheme.

Scholarship Scheme List for 2018 – 2019

  1. If any applicant is interested in taking a quick look at all MP educational grant schemes, then he/she has to click on the link
  2. Clicking the link will trigger the site to produce a list of all such schemes.
  3. This list will not only highlight the names of schemes, but will also offer detailed info about necessary eligibility, application form collection centers and registration procedure. For each topic, there is a separate link that must be clicked.

Scholarship Grant Name, Eligibility and Amount

  1. Apart from checking the name and details about any grant scheme, applicants will also be able to take a look at the amount that state government is offering under each program. For that, one has to click on the link marked as “Check Scholarship Scheme Name & Amount for which Student is Eligible.”
  2. It will trigger the site to highlight a page that has separate option fields. Once the applicant types in necessary data in these fields, the site will highlight grant details.
  3. After filling in the correct details in all the option boxes, the applicant must click on the green button, located at the bottom of the page. The button is marked as “अपना हक़ जाने.”
  4. It will trigger the site to produce the data that the applicants desire to get.

How to register, log in and see application status?

  1. To apply for any of the scholarship schemes, the interested applicants will have to click on the link Online Application.
  2. If any candidate desires to make a log in ID, then he/she will have to click on the link New Login.
  3. It is not an issue if the candidates forget their ID and password. Clicking on the link Recover password will help the applicants to recover their password.
  4. All applicants who have already applied for any of the grant schemes will be able to search their names in the selected applicants’ list. For this, they need to activate the site by clicking on the link Search your name.
  5. Last but not the least; all applicants will also be able to keep track of the application status. For checking the current application status, one has to click on the link Check Application Status

Education is the only path that will lead to the overall progress of the state and its people. Keeping this in mind, the state authority of MP has left no stone unturned to ensure that children get necessary boost to make their educational dreams come true. Money is a huge obstacle in this path. If this issue is resolved, then children will not have to shun their dreams of attaining higher education degrees.

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