Bijli Bill Jurmana Maafi Yojana in Haryana

Bijli Bill Jurmana Maafi Yojana in Haryana

The state government of Haryana is providing some concession to the electricity consumers on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee. This is why they have formed a new scheme called ‘Bijli Bill Jurmana Maafi Yojana’.

This is what you need to know about it

  • The scheme will only be levied from December 31st 2016 in the state. The MLA of the region said that this benefit is for the households in the area.
  • Both the residents of the rural and urban areas of Haryana will be getting this benefit. It will be extended to those who are using a 2 kilowatt connection.
  • So if you are using this connection and still your connection has been cut, you will be considered a beneficiary of concession under this scheme.

Bijli Bill Jurmana Maafi Yojana in Haryana

How can I avail this scheme?

To avail this scheme, you will have to follow these steps –

  • If you have the electric bill now or if you have the electric bill in advance then you can submit the proposed amount in just 6 installments.
  • People who will be considered beneficiaries can submit their current bill and the advance bill with a 30% subsidy on the amount of the bill.
  • If you are using the electricity without the connection for a year then the authorities will provide you with new meters and connection within 3 days. You will be automatically considered a beneficiary under this scheme.

Important news

  • What’s more? Up to 24th November 2016 the entire electricity bill can be taken in old 500 and 1000 currency denominations. So you can use those notes to pay your bill till that date.
  • Under this scheme around 1000 villages are being benefitted and the time period for which the villages are getting electricity has been increased to 15 hours.

The government has already started collecting the bills from the people to implement the Bijli Bill Jurmana Maafi Yojana. The government will ensure that all the needy houses that do not get electricity within means will do so. They have enlisted a subsidy to ensure that the electricity charges are well within the budget for most families.

If you are unable to pay your electricity bills because of demonetization, then this is a good opportunity to pay your electric bill. The government is accepting the old cash to receive the bills.

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