CBSE Scholarship Free Education Scheme

CBSE Scholarship Free Education Scheme for Girl Child Application form process,eligibility, selection procedure

Girls are not given the same chance as boys to attain higher education. That is why the female literacy rate is rather low in India. To chance the condition, the central government has implemented various educational schemes. One such grant program is the CBSE Free Education for Girl Child. It will be implemented in all schools that are operated under the CBSE board. Under this program, only female students will get monetary assistance in case they fulfill certain eligibilities.

CBSE Scholarship Free Education for Girl Child

Launch details of the scheme

The scholarship program has been developed and implemented by the Central Board of School Education. The announcement of this grant was made by the CBSE board in 2017. It has announced that all eligible candidates can apply for getting this grant for the first time and also for the renewal process. In case, interested applicants have any queries, they can drop in a mail at

Key features of the scheme

  1. Empowering female pupils – Due to the poor state of female education, the central education board has developed and designed this special grant scheme to empower female school students with financial assistance and moral encouragement to continue their education.
  2. Encouraging higher education – As per the clause of this scheme, it is mandatory for the applicant to continue their quest for education and take admission in the 11th Failure to do so will nullify their chances of getting the scholarship.
  3. Providing monthly scholarship grant – All girls who fulfill all required criteria will be awarded with a financial grant of Rs. 500. This money will be sanctioned from the CBSE department directly.
  4. Duration of the scheme – The actual scheme will last for an entire year after the girl passed 10th standard and takes admission in the 11th Each candidate can also apply for a renewal of the grant after they pass 11th standard and get admission in the 12th class. So, the total grant duration is of two years.
  5. Renewal policy – There is the facility of getting a grant renewal. For that, the candidate will have to fulfill some criteria.
  6. Cut off marks – There is a marks related criterion. Only the girls who will get the specified marks, both while applying for the original grant and the renewal will get this monthly financial assistance from the Central Educational Board.
  7. Number of beneficiaries – The board has not mentioned any fixed number of candidates that it will be catering to. The actual number of scholarship holders will vary based on the number of students who fulfill all criteria and prove worthy of getting the financial assistance.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  1. Must be a single child – To apply and get the grant, it is mandatory that student is a female and her parents do not have any other child. So, the grant scheme will only allow female students who do not have any own brother or sister will get the scholarship.
  2. Must study under central board – As this grant is given by the CBSE board, only those candidates who have passed the 10th standard from a central school and is also pursuing higher education from a CBSE school will only be allowed to get this monetary assistance.
  3. Must pass 10th standard – To qualify for the grant scheme, the female candidate must acquire a certain percent in the final examination of 10th standard. Passing the 10th standard is the first stepping stone to get this scholarship.
  4. Cut off marks to apply after 10th – It has been mentioned in the draft of this scholarship scheme that only female candidates who have secured 60% or more marks in the final examination of 10th standard will be allowed to submit their application.
  5. Must continue education – Passing the 10th standard will not be enough to get the scholarship. The CBSE board wants to ensure that female candidates continue their higher education. So, each applicant must be continuing education in 11th standard under any Central Board School.
  6. Cut off for renewal of grant – To renew the scholarship scheme, each female student must pass her final exam of 11th standard with 50% or more marks. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the renewal process.
  7. NRIs candidates can apply – As many non-residential Indians also acquire education from CBSE schools, the board has announced that NRI candidates will also be able to apply for this grant scheme.
  8. Tuition fee related criteria – For Indian candidates, the academic fee that school charges, each month, shall not exceed a mark of Rs. 1500. When the candidate takes admission in 11th standard, her schooling payment must not increase buy more than 10%. For NRI candidates, the highest limit of tuition fee is Rs 6000 on a monthly basis.
  9. Changing stream or school – In case any grant holder is thinking of changing the stream or her school, the CBSE board must be informed about the matter well in advance. Only the high placed official of the board will be allowed to take the final decision of whether to continue gran payment or not.

Selection procedure of the scheme

  1. For being a part of this unique grant scheme, the girl must be a studying in a school that is run and operated as per the rules of the Central Education Department. The female students who get 60% or more marks will only be able to apply.
  2. Apart from this, the candidate must not stop her quest to acquire higher education. So, only applicants who are studying in 11th standard and plan on finishing their schooling will be selected. For 11th and 12th standard, she must choose a school that follows CBSE curriculum.
  3. The applicant will have to submit an affidavit. The formal of this is already available on the official website of CBSE. Once filled, this document must be signed and stamped by gazetted officers.
  4. Along with this document, the applicant must also provide the original applicant document. After filling in the details, the students must get it signed and stamped by the respective principal of the academic institution.
  5. The schooling fee documents must also be attached with the application form and the affidavit papers. It will support the fee related claims, which must be meet in order to get the scholarship.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. Each interested applicant will have to log on to the official portal of CBSE. The link of the page is Once the page opens, the girl must type in the certification code and roll number. These will be printed on the final result certificate of 10th
  2. Once the digital registration form opens, the applicant must fill in all the highlighted fields with the correct information. When the application form is filled, it needs to be submitted by clicking on the “submit” link.
  3. As soon as the submission is complete, it will flash a specific code. Each applicant will get a separate code and this registration code can be used for tracking the application. This code will be required for further form filling and document attachment.
  4. Once the candidate has filled the digital registration form, she must generate a clear print out. On the hardcopy of this form, she needs to paste a recently clicked photograph.
  5. Scanning the required documents, the form and the affidavit is a must to complete the application process. The scanned files must not be more than 1 MB. These must be uploaded accordingly.
  6. Once this is done, the applicant must log on to the official portal, click on the link that is marked as “Upload Document.” After this, she must attach and upload all digital copies of required documents with the form.
  7. To submit these scanned copies of documents, the candidate must click on the kink marked as “Confirmation Page.” It will generate the confirmation message that is needed for final submission.
  8. After getting the print out of the confirmation message, it must be sent to the head office at Delhi via postal department. The address is mentioned in the next section.

How to apply for renewal of the scholarship?

To apply for the renewal of this scholarship program, the candidate will have to log on to the official page of the CBSE and get acquire the renewal form. Apart from submitting the grant application via online method, one can also opt for the offline process. Each applicant will have to make sure that the form has been filled only with correct information. The presence of any false details will result in the rejection of the form. Once the details are filled, the important documents must be attached. One of the mandatory documents is the final result sheet class 11. Once everything is done, clicking on the submit button will complete the process. In case the candidate is not comfortable with the online procedure, she can get the printout and send it to:

Scholarship Unit


Shiksha Kendra

2 Community Centre

Delhi – 110092

With the implementation of this scholarship program, both female candidates will get the much-needed encouragement to opt for higher education. Due to the monthly financial support, children from lower income groups will be able to lessen the economic burden of their parents. These boosts will decrease the number of school dropouts significantly.

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