Child Care Leave – CCL Scheme for Female Employees in Tripura

Child Care Leave – CCL Scheme for Female Employees in Tripura

On considering the importance of child and mother’s health during the maternity period, in recent years Indian governments have introduced several schemes all over the nation. All the schemes offer various benefits to both the new born infants and to the new mother either in health or in finance level. As the recent addition to the schemes, the Tripura state government has introduced new scheme named Child Care Leave for the pregnant working women in the state.

Child Care Leave – CCL Scheme for Female Employees in Tripura

Launched and Supervised By

The CCL – scheme was specially launched by the state government of Tripura in order to provide better care to the new born or unborn child of the women who are all working.

The detailed information about the newly introduced CCL – Child Care Leave scheme of the Tripura state government was informed by the Bhanu Lal Saha, who is the Tripura State Information and Culture Minister.

Salient features and Highlights of the Child Care Leave – CCL Scheme

  • The CCL scheme that offers the maximum of 730 days paid leave for the working women in Tripura district was approved by the council of ministers of the Tripura state.
  • In order to provide better governance to the children of the state, the state government of Tripura has introduced this scheme for women who are all working in state government for better providing attention to their children.

Eligibility Criteria :

  1. The launch of the scheme has received huge welcome over the new mother and women who own minor child. Though, several other states has their own policy of offering maternity leave or child care leave scheme for the working women in the state, the CCL scheme launched by the Tripura state is something different which pay the employees fully even they took leave under this scheme.
  2. As per the order, the central government female employee can able to get uninterrupted leave up-to 2 years for caring their own minor child who ages below 18 years.

Few years before in 2014, the Supreme Court has passed new order over the child care leave for the women employees of the central government. The main motive for passing this order for women employee is to provide better care to their minor child during the sickness, examination and other reason which requires mother’s attention over her child.

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