Sahafat Finance Scheme for Journalists in Jammu and Kashmir – Launched by J & K Bank

Sahafat Finance Scheme for Journalists in Jammu and Kashmir – Launched by J & K Bank

The state government of Jammu and Kashmir has announced the launch of the new Scheme for Journalists termed as the J & K Bank Sahafat Scheme. It is a type of finance scheme that has been launched with an aim to offer Journalists within the state with a benefit of availing easy loan. This will offer assistance to any journalist as he will be able to make use of that money for funding his particular needs and requirements of purchasing professional equipments for his job.

Sahafat Finance Scheme

Launch Details

  • According to the latest updates from the state government, the scheme has been launched after the approval from the Local government in the cabinet meeting.
  • For implementation of the scheme within the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, the government has announced to launch it from 14th December 2017 state wide.

Key Features

  • With the launch of the new loan scheme for Journalists in the state the government aims at strengthening the democracy feeling within the state.
  • The new scheme is beneficial to the Journalists of the state belonging to any field in Journalism including news magazines, newspapers or television media.
  • With the new implementation it is obvious that the sate government aims at promoting the ideal of being a journalist amongst younger generations in the state to take it up as their profession.
  • The scheme will also offer benefit to the media as it will mark its present and image within the society in various sectors.
  • The new benefit has been provided to the states journalists keeping in mind the level of risk they put in their jobs along with their efforts.
  • The scheme will be completely regulated and implemented by J&K Bank within the entire state so each journalist can apply for the loan amount at their convenience.
  • Under the new scheme the state government will offer with convenience where each journalists can avail a minimum and maximum of Rs 50,000 to Rs 3,00,000 in amount.
  • According to the sources the banks will also offer with convenience where the repayment of the loan amount can be done within 60 EMIs.
  • The journalists can make use of the loan amount for purchasing their photographic and other profession related equipments like came, lap tops, computers, journals, tablet PC etc.
  • Under the new scheme journalists can also avail a credit on daily basis for fulfilling their job requirements.
  • The bank will offer credit limit and loan facility at a cheaper interest rate along with 4 Lakh insurance coverage at a minimum premium of Rs 342 annually.

With the implementation of this new loan scheme the state government aims tat the local journalists will be able to get easy access to required funds at their convenience so they can support their daily needs. This will also help in motivating other people and existing journalists to perform much better at their jobs.

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