Child Protection Scheme Jammu and Kashmir

Child Protection Scheme Jammu and Kashmir

Protection of children is the need of the hour. Today Jammu and Kashmir has become one of the most conflict-ridden places of the country. In such a scenario the children are prone to suffer the most because they are vulnerable. Therefore the government is mooting on providing them with some security.

Child Protection Scheme Jammu Kashmir

Main Features Of The Scheme

  • There are more than 2 lakh kids in Jammu and Kashmir who become victims of violence every year. They also fall prone to poverty, child labor, child prostitution, malnutrition or some fatal illness.
  • There are more than 2.4 lakh orphans in the state. The reports of the survey conducted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare suggest that children are mentally disturbed.
  • The child rights protection in the state is pretty weak and it does little to protect the rights of the child due to certain constitutional constraints.
  • Children have not been given the protection that they needed from violence and deprivation in the state. Some have also become orphans because of the constant conflict.
  • This is why a child protection system is needed so that children can be saved from abuse and neglect. The government needs to have jurisdiction over the same.
  • The Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) was launched in the year 2009. This scheme has led to many changes to ensure that children are safe.

Implementation of Child Protection Scheme

  • The social workers are unable to reach the children of Jammu and Kashmir because they have to practice within a legislative policy, which is typically complex in this state.
  • Another issue while implementation is that working in a conflict-ridden environment can be very demanding for the social workers. Hence many are unable to reach there often.
  • As per the reports from these workers, often child abuse and neglect is very much socially intertwined. This is why they are unable to solve the issues simply on their own.
  • This is why to implement this scheme perfectly, a collaboration between the society, the social workers as well as the government is needed to ensure child protection.
  • The State Social Welfare Department has recruited some young social workers at the district level to ensure that a positive step is taken to achieve the best.
  • The ICPS is still at an infant stage and needs more awareness programs to reach the masses and to bring about a change from the ground level.

Jammu and Kashmir needs the ICPS the most because it is one of the states with the highest levels of juveniles. The children there not only need protection but also need to be directed towards a positive future.

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