Chief Minister Saur Krishi Vahini Yojana Maharashtra (Chief Minister Agricultural Solar Feeder Scheme) Supply Power 12 hour

Chief Minister Saur Krishi Vahini Yojana Maharashtra (Chief Minister Agricultural Solar Feeder Scheme) Supply Power 12 hour

The Maharashtra government has come up with a new scheme to help its farmers – the Saur Krishi Vahini Yojana, also called the Solar Power Scheme. Its aim is to provide solar power units to the farmers at a cheap rate so that they can enjoy electric supply at a continuous rate.

Chief Minister Saur Krishi Vahini Yojana Maharashtra

Launch details

This scheme was announced recently and already its first phase of application is in works. The government tender process is complete and they will install the solar panels by end of March 2018. This is why the scheme will also officially launch in the month of April in 2018.

Features of the scheme

  • Rent from farmers: The government will rent the farmers’ agricultural land for this purpose. At a time the land shall be rented for 15 years for installing the power panels.
  • Lower rate of electricity: With the installation of these units, the farmers will get great relief in their electric bill. The cost of electricity per unit will be Rs. 3 only.
  • Scheme in three years: In the next three years the government will give electricity across the state to all users – both poor and marginal farmers.
  • Agro-pumps to get 12 hour power supply: The scheme is specifically targeting to feed the agro-pumps and to give them uninterrupted 12 hour power supply.
  • Dedicated feeders to get the benefit: The solar powers are currently at the experimentation stage and they are being provided to the dedicated feeders only. Hence some units have set up in Latur and Solapur as of now.
  • 200 farmers get 1MW power: As per this scheme, nearly 200 farmers will get 1 MW solar power and 4000 additional farmers will get 20 MW solar power plants for their needs as well.
  • Installation completion: The government has already got the tender approved and therefore installation of 500 MW solar powers is on the way.

Benefits of the scheme

  • This scheme will help ease the problems of electric supply in the agricultural sector – especially to run the agro-feeders. The main target is to provide power at least 12 hours a day.
  • Since the prices of the electric supply system are cheaper, the farmers will be able to use them as production units at lesser costs. Hence it will boost the agricultural produce.
  • Solar Power is renewable, which makes it environment friendly. The farmers will utilize not just more energy, but sustainable source of energy which will go a long way.
  • At present the farmers suffer because there is an issue of interruption in agricultural works due to power cuts. This problem will be readily addressed when this scheme comes into effect.
  • The government had earlier proposed portable solar pumps to the farmers but that scheme did not get much attention. This is why this scheme will plant small solar power plants to address the problem.
  • The agricultural workers will have an extra source of income from the land they are renting out for this purpose. This will help them meet their lose ends.

Budget allocation

At present the budget allocation for the scheme is not clear however, the Energy department already has Rs. 2500 crore due for street lights and Rs. 1200 crore due from the domestic consumers. The government is therefore looking to lower the costs of energy production through solar power plants, so that they can pay the residual amounts to the Energy department. The government may deduct the grants from the accounts of the local bodies for the same.

This is a very progressive scheme that will help not just save money on electric bills but also introduce a newer technology in the rural sector. The country will benefit immensely from the adoption of newer techniques that aids in agriculture because India’s economy is mostly agricultural. This scheme will take care of the energy aspect.

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