Mukhya Mantri Health Card Delhi (Aam Aadmi Health Card Scheme)

Mukhya Mantri Health Card Scheme Delhi 2018 (Aam Aadmi Health Card Scheme) – Electronic Health Record of all Residents, How to get card, Registration

Delhi Government is going to ensure proper health care facilities for all the citizens of the state and thus they will be providing health cards to the citizens of the state under the Aam Aadmi Health Card Scheme. These health cards will identify each resident properly and the government will be able to keep records of the patient with the cards. The Delhi government is going to provide electronic health cards so that the medical records of the patients are stored properly with the help of technology. Also these electronic health cards can be easily updated and they will also provide details about any on-going treatments of the patients. The prescription details of the patients will also be stored in the health card.

Delhi Aam Aadmi Health Card Scheme

Launching Details of AamAadmi Health Card Scheme


Launched By Central Government of Delhi
State Delhi
Launching Date Latter Half of 2018
Target Audience All citizens aged above 1
Supervised By Delhi Government


Key Features of Aam Aadmi Health Card Scheme

  • Initial registration: All the citizens aged above 18 will have to complete an initial registration in order to avail the facilities of the Health card Scheme.
  • Aadhar Card: If an individual wants to avail the facilities of the Aam Aadmi Health Card scheme, they will have to provide their unique identification number or Aadhar Card. Also an individual will have to provide their Delhi Voter Id card.
  • Citizens aged above 1: The government will provide health cards to citizens aged above 1 after the initial registration procedures have been completed. The citizens aged above 1 will have to provide their Aadhar Card number and the government will only issue the health cards upon getting the Aadhar Card number of the citizens.
  • Web Application: The Delhi government will keep all the medical records of all the citizens under the Health Card scheme and they will keep this record by using technology. The Delhi government will only keep the electronic health records of the citizens and they will do it by launching a centralized web application where they will store all the records.
  • Free medical facilities: Not only this scheme will keep records of the citizens of the state but also it will allow them to avail certain health care facilities. The citizens availing the facilities of this scheme will be able to get free of cost medical facilities from several state run institutions of health care. The state run hospitals, mohalla and poly clinics will provide health care facilities free of cost to the beneficiaries of this scheme.

The government is expecting to provide the health cards to 1.8 crore citizens across the Delhi state and these health cards will be given to people of all ages starting from toddlers to the senior citizens. The government is also taking suggestions about the scheme from the interested companies and the interested companies will be able to provide their suggestions and proposals to the Delhi Government within 28th February, 2018. Also the Delhi government has taken a great imitative by launching the program Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Health Card scheme. The Director General of Health Services of Delhi has floated this program and interested companies will be able to partake in this scheme with their valuable suggestions under Expression of Interest (EOI).

The Delhi government is hopeful that this scheme will succeed and they are also hopeful that this scheme will be able to provide all the required information of all the citizens of the country so that the health care facilities could be provided to the easily. Also, in case of an emergency, this scheme will be very helpful as it will be able to identify the patients individually along with their medical records.

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