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Devnarayan Gurukul Yojana in Rajasthan Application Form Process Online/Offline Eligibility Criteria Fee Session 2018-19 Entrance Exam Class 6 Addmission Last Date 11 May

Students especially located in the villages and remote areas of any state find it difficult to attain proper education. The central government has implemented several educational schemes for the development for all students. Apart from these programs, state governments have special schemes, running under their care. One such scheme, designed and implemented by the Rajasthan government is Devnarayan Gurukul Yojana.

Devnarayan Gurukul Yojana in Rajasthan

Launch details

The scheme was originally launched in Rajasthan in 2012 – 2013. At that time, the administrative affairs of the state was looked after by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. The scheme is still active in the state, but several changes have been made to offer better benefits to the beneficiaries.

Important dates

This year, the state education department will organize the entrance exams as well. The submission of forms will end on the 11th May, 2018. The application forms are available on the official site of this scheme. The entrance examination for the year 2018 will be held on 3rd June.

Objective of the scheme

The main objective of this scheme is to offer young students a better shot at attaining higher education. It is targeted towards offering better opportunities for the candidates who belong to backward classes.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Betterment of backward classes – Without proper education, students will not be able to lay the foundation for a better future. This scheme makes it easy for the aspiring and deserving candidates to cement their position in a better education institute.
  2. Admission in good institutes – Any candidate who applies for this scheme will be able to get admission in a better school.
  3. Pass the admission exam – An entrance examination will be held by the education department. The candidates who make the cut will be able to attain admission in a reputed educational institute.
  4. Admission in class 6 – The scheme has been designed for students who are studying in class 5 and want to get admission in 6th standard, in a new school.
  5. Marks and allotted time – The candidates must sit for an entrance examination that will be based on standard 5 curriculums. The applicants will have to answer objective type questions. The total marks will be 100 and each candidate will have 2 hours to finish the paper.
  6. Question type and syllabus – The question papers will contain questions on four subjects – English, Hindi, Social Science and Math. All the questions will be in objective format.
  7. Maximum number of recipients – It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that from each family, only two candidates will be able to apply for this academic scheme. It has been done to ensure that maximum number of candidates get this benefit.

Eligibility for the scheme

  1. For residents of Rajasthan only – If any backward community student desires to get the benefits of this scheme, she/she will have to be a permanent resident of the state. They must have necessary papers to prove their residential proof.
  2. Backward communities only – The scheme has been designed to meet the requirements of backward communities. Apart from including ST,SC and OBC community, it will also allow Lobna, Nomad , Lohar, Gadia, Gadolia, Ryika , Gurjar, Devasi,  and Rabari community students to apply under this scheme.
  3. Minimum academic grade of the candidate – Only those students will be able to apply for this academic scheme who has managed to attain at least C grade in previous examinations.
  4. Non taxpayers – Only candidates from economically weaker families will be able to opt for this scheme. Thus, it is mandatory that parents of applicants do not fall in the tax payer list.

Application process for the scheme (Online/Offline)

  1. Online application form – In case a candidate is interested in getting the application form via online mode, then he/she can just log on to the link education.rajasthan.gov.in. Once the candidate logs in, he/she can download the form for free and get a printout.
  2. Offline application form – If the applicant is interested in attaining the form via offline method, then he/she needs to go to the office of District Education Officer. The application forms are available there free as well.
  3. Offline submission only – Though candidates can acquire application forms from the website, the submission process is completely offline. After the application form has been filled and all necessary documents have been attached for scrutiny, the applicant must submit it manually to the District Education department.

Fee for the application

Most backward community members may have financial constraints. The state government wants to remove this issue for ever. Thus, it has been decided that the education department will provide the application forms, and organize the entrance examination without charging any money from the candidates.

The implementation of this scheme will not only offer candidates from backward classes an opportunity at attain admission in good schools, but will also be able to proceed towards betterment in their lives. It will not be possible without the presence of proper academic education in their lives.

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