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Digital India Digitize India Platform(DIP) Online Registration – How to Earn Money Online (Work From Home)

Worldwide digital platform is expanding with increasing numbers of digital contributors. Starting from digital media to information technology the entire world is revolving around digital platforms. Indian central government has taken many initiatives in India to promote Digital India. Now they have taken another major step towards employment and income opportunity by introducing Digital India Platform in India. This is a crowd sourcing type of platform through which digital contributors will be able to earn money.

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What is Digitize India?

It is a part of Digital India Program. DIP is basically a data processing unit. Under this platform all the organisation’s important documents, images and scanned copies of important papers will be stored. The organisations must let these papers be usable within the system. Indian government will provide highly secured platform for processing these data. The authority will intend to change the format of the data so that it will be usable in any digital platform, especially for meta–data tagging.

How DIP works

Digital India Platform is designed to convert and store data and documents from government organisations. Contributors will get snippets in this system to work on. Contributors will have to enter the snippets into the system for storing of data. There are few steps that to be understood to know how DIP works.

  • Step 1: Governmental organisations willingly provide the image and scanned copies of all the documents to the DIP. All these images will be converted into snippets (Captcha).
  • Step 2: These snippets will be distributed randomly among the digital contributors across the nation. Digital contributors are required to enter those words into the platform.
  • Step 3: Once contributors will type those words that match with the snippets, the matching tool will tell if they have written the exact word shown in the snippet.
  • Step 4: Afterwards reward points will start adding to the contributors for typing each correct word from snippets. Reward points will depend on how many words contributors have matched with the snippets. Each matching word signifies digitization of data.
  • Step 5: Finally the DIP has successfully converted snippet texts into digitized information with the help of a contributor. Once the entire digitization process is done, the documents will be back to the organisation after reassembling the papers.

Who can become a Digital Contributor? (Eligibility criteria)

Anyone who is computer friendly can become the digital contributor. It is basically an online data entry job that anyone who has minimum computer literacy can do that. To become a digital contributor one has to fulfil some criteria.

First of all the contributor must be Indian citizen with a valid Aadhaar Card Number. He/she has to have basic knowledge of computer. The contributor or applicant has to link their aadhaar with their bank account before registering with the website. Un-linked accounts will not get registered. Contributor must have Smartphone to download the DIP App.

How to make money online with Digitize India

  • Registration/Signup: It is a data entry job. That means the contributor will earn on the basis of how many words they enter into the system. To start with, the applicant has to register/signup here https://digitizeindia.gov.in.
  • Login & Profile update: After logging in to the website, go to My Profile to update your profile. Write down about your skill and education in respective boxes. After that click on the ‘Bank Details’ to update your bank account details in the website.
  • Start working: The contributor can start working as soon as the details are being entered and verified. Contributors will get diverse types of snippets on their dashboard. Snippets will be distributed among the contributors randomly, contributors have to find them and start working.
  • Earning money: For each correct word contributor will earn 2 paisa. The reward will be added to the account of contributor within couple of days. After five days the contributor can withdraw that point/money to their bank account.

How to redeem your points from Digitize India Platform

The contributor has to earn minimum 2500 reward points to redeem or withdraw the money. Contributor’s bank account must have the facility of transferring/receiving money through online service to withdraw money, apart from having linked with Aadhaar.

  • Step 1: Set a transaction PIN first. To set this PIN the contributor has to ask for OTP or One Time Password. Contributor will receive this OTP on their mobile phone. Contributors make sure that the phone number must be same as the one linked with their bank account. After entering the OTP to the text box the contributor can change/set their PIN.
  • Step 2: To redeem the points or withdraw money from the platform one has to mention the amount or points they want to redeem. Then they have to enter the wallet PIN or transaction PIN. Further the click on the submit buttons to confirm the information.

Payment Proof of Digitize India

Many a people have said that DIP does not pay money. Many of the contributors have said that the status of payment shows initiated but it is been a long time they didn’t receive a single penny. In a recent time a digital contributor updated in his blog that he received the money after 23 days of application which is late but still he received it.

How much money one can earn from Digitize India Platform

Earning money from DIP solely depends on how fast one can work. The daily limit of redeem point from DIP is 2500 which means Rs. 50/- per day. If the contributor works for 8 hours a day, he/she can easily make Rs. 8000/- per month.

Solution to ‘Snippets have exhausted. Please try again later’

This is another common problem that contributors are facing frequently. As mentioned the platform is developed for those government organisations that are willing to digitize their documents. If they are not interested then there will not be any snippet available on the dashboard. The snippets are randomly distributed among the contributors. If there is no such document is left for digitisation, snippets will show exhausted.

Solution to the ‘Connection is not private’ Error

It is an IT language when the connection says it is not private. This is a common issue of SSL certificate. If this happens with you and it is showing connection is not private then simply click on to the Advance button and then proceed with the digitizindia.gov.in. For Firefox browser users, click on the Add Exception button to proceed.

Digitize India App

Digitize India has launched its mobile App as well. The app is available on Android platform. Download the app on your Smartphone from the Google Play Store and proceed with the instruction given on the screen. To download the App you can click on the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DigitizeIndia&hl=en

It is not necessary always people get heavy work. This depends on the organisations that are willing to digitize their documents or not. As long as they want their documents to be digitized, the work flow will be there. On the other side, many people are complaining about the payment. According to a contributor, payment for online data entry jobs usually takes long time to credit in bank accounts. However in this case it has taken a month or so for the payment which is a fair deal in this case. For more details people can call on their helpline number 1800-3000-3468.

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