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Indian Railways launches Transparent and efficient “New Online Vendor Registration System” @rdso.indianrailways.gov.in

With an aim to digitalize the process, RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organization) has launched the new systems termed as New Online Vender Registration system. RDSO is also termed as the research section working for Railway Ministry. The Lucknow based department has launched the new system with an aim to enhance and advance the traditional system of registration within the department.  The Ministry has also made it very clear that with the implementation of the new system the department will be able to maintain complete transparency.

Launch details

  • The new system was officially announced by the Minister for Railways and Coal Shri Piyush Goyal on 9th January 2018 in a cabinet assembly meeting.
  • The Minister has also made it very clear that with the new online system customers will be able to collect all possible information on the website related to registration process.

Key Features

  • The main benefit of the new system is that the entire process can be completed within defined time line. The system also offers with simple procedure.
  • It also offers a lot of convenience of convenience to the vendors as they may not have to take the pain of visiting RDSO for completing the registration process. The online system can be accessed from any virtual location.
  • Each task and activities that are performed using the system are timeline based. If the timeline exceeds then the system will automatically send a notification for alertness to the vendor.
  • The process of documentation for the vendor along with authentication process of the documents can be easily performed using the online system at the time of registration. This will be considered as time saving activity for the vendor. Presently vendors may not have to wait for 11 months for completing the process of verification of documents.
  • The new system will offer convenience of completing the verification process without making use of the physical mode so thee are no chances of corruption within the department.
  • The moment a document is submitted by the vendor it is scrutinized by the system immediately and report generated for the vendor about the authentication process.
  • The system also makes use of a process that is very much user friendly and simplified. So the vendors can easily make the deposit of registration amount online itself. Apart from this, they can also download drawings and check with specifications.
  • Using the online system the vendors can also communicate with RDSO. The most important aspects with the system is that they can get notifications at each and every stage of the process completed.
  • The department has also provided with facility for monitoring using the main dashboard. Using this facility all work process can also be monitored centrally.

Using the new centralized online system the RDSO has ensured that it has taken a major step in simplifying the work for vendors. They also have an option for completing the registration process at their convenience 365 days a year.

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