Power Subsidy Scheme to Farmers in Punjab

Power Subsidy Scheme to Farmers in Punjab  Direct Benefit Transfer of Electricity (DBTE) Scheme Punjab 

The state government of Punjab has recently announced to offer subsidy to state farmers. The new subsidy program will be launched within the state as a Pilot program for government research work. Under the new program the state government aims at providing DBTE (Direct Benefit Transfer of Electricity) facility to the state farmers.

Direct Benefit Transfer of Electricity (DBTE) Punjab

Implementation Details

The new initiative was officially announced by the Chief Minister of the state Captain Amarinder Singh. The new announcement was made officially by CM on 24th Jan 2018 in the general Cabinet Meeting with the state Ministers.

Key Features of DBTE project

  • The main aim of implementing the new pilot project within the state is to help save tremendous amount of Ground water resource. The new project will be launched with an aim to initially cover over 990 agricultural consumer’s state wide.
  • The state government with the new move aims at educating the state farmers about the importance of conserving ground water resources within the state for future. Under the new initiative the state government of Punjab has also appealed big land owners and farmers within the state to give up subsidy they receive on their farm lands.
  • This move as the government expects, will help in conserving more of the ground water from being wasted unnecessarily. This move will further help the state government to check with the depletion of the ground water.
  • The state government also expects that introducing the DBTE Pilot Project within the state would help regulate the wastage of ground water along with checking the maintenance of the ground water level.
  • The state government has also made it very clear that with the above mentioned move the government will be providing state farmers with subsidy in the form of cash amount.
  • The cash offered will be calculated on the basis of the total power consumption made by the farmer for the irrigation of the land for the crop yield.
  • The savings would be retained back to the farmers once they are issued with electricity bill for power consumed. This new move will also help in reducing the financial burden from the farmer shoulders.
  • Under the new move, the state government aim’s at reducing, the wastage of the energy, check with the distribution and transmission of power supply amongst agricultural land and rationalize the subsidy.

The state government has also stated that to make the implementation of the Pilot project more effective the state government would in fact set up a functional committee. The members from Punjab Agriculture University would be hired as working members of the committee in accordance with the water department and farmer commission – Punjab state.

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