DST Inspire Awards ‘Manak’ Nomination Form Guidelines, Science Projects 2018

DST (Full Form) Inspire Awards ‘Manak’ – Nomination Form, Guidelines, Science Projects 2018 [Registration Form, Eligibility Criteria, School List]

The DST department – (Department of Science and Technology) of the nation has announced to implement Manaka – a type of inspiring awards under the INSPIRE program. As per the new updates the awards will be offered to eligible candidates at District/ State or School level. The authorities have also stated that the awards will be offered to eligible candidates for their latest innovative ideas within Research and science fields under “Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research” program. The program shall be organized by the government at the National level so more number of youths can be encouraged to participate in science, development and Research programs (R&D).  The program has been designed to strengthen R&D sector for numerous projects depending on set guidelines.

Award Name Manak
Implemented by INSPIRE Program
Target Group Talented youths within the R&D sectors of science department
Target year 2018 – 2019
Website details www.inspireawards-dst.gov.in

Key features

  • The main objective of the new program is to help strengthen, sustain and recognize innovative ideas and capacity that will prove helpful in R&D department. As per the new recommendations the government will try and cover targeted youths who belong to the age groups between 10 to 32 years.
  • Under the new INSPIRE scheme the government has also announced to include SEATS scheme ( Scheme for Early Attraction of Talents for Science). The award will be offered to the selected candidates along with internship program.
  • Under this scheme the government will also offer with Scholarship for completing Higher level of education in the form of INSPIRE scholarship (SHE).
  • Under the AORC program the government will offer with opportunity for Research within the career development stage via Faculty and Fellowship program.

The government has also announced the implementation of online web portal series for registration for the First component under the program as Manak (Millions Minds Augmentation National Aspiration and Knowledge). The provisions for online registration for program have been provided by the government. The nomination forms can be filled at the official web portal services at school, district, or state level.

Process for filing in Nomination form for Manak – Inspire Awards for state, district or school level

The authorities have provided with provisions for filling in nomination forms at the State, district or school level scholarship program. You just need to follow below mentioned procedure:-

1          Procedure for filling in nomination at school authority level

2          District wise Registration procedure

In case you want to register at the state level for nomination you are expected to follow a similar procedure. You can also collect more set of information at http://inspireawards-dst.gov.in/UserP/award.aspx about the scheme.

Download information related to Science project and PDF registration form 2018-19

You can also download the PDF format of the registration form, nomination form for students, registration form for schools, authority form for district level or any other relevant science project. The provision is available in PDF format via link http://inspireawards-dst.gov.in/UserP/inspire-downloads.aspx.

You can also download complete guidelines for awards and registration via http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in/Basic_Guidelines.pdf.

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