Ujjwal and Utthan Educational Scheme Odisha 2018

Ujjwal and Utthan Scheme Educational Odisha 2018 [Application Form and Process, Eligibility Criteria, Last Date] 

With an aim to help improve the education at the elementary level, the state government of Odisha has announced to implement two educational schemes termed as Ujjwal and Utthan. As per the recommendations made by the state educational department, the schemes will help in boosting the learning systems in state schools.

Name Ujjwal and Utthan Scheme
Implemented By Odisha state Primary Education Programme Authority
Target The schemes will be introduced in various elementary level schools state wide after summer vacations
Phase 1 18th June 2018 – 31st July 2018
Phase 2 1st August 2018

Key features

  • The schemes are a type of educational boosting schemes for elementary schools. The Ujjwal scheme will be implemented for Primary classes from 1st to 5th
  • The government has rolled out Utthan scheme for implementing in classes 6th to 8th As per the government the schemes will help in enhancing the level of knowledge for students and improve their performance.
  • The schemes have been developed with an aim to offer benefit to over 40 lakh students within the state. It is also expected that the schemes will impact the learning efficiency of the student.
  • To make the process of implementation more effective the state educational department has been focusing on developmental stage for past few months.
  • The government had also offered with training sessions for teachers in the month of April 2018. As a part of the training programme over 1.41 lakh teachers had participated in these programmes.
  • As a part of the training programme, teachers were also provided with workbooks for note taking and implementation of the schemes. The training sessions were organized in accordance with Training and research experts from Educational Council of the state.
  • A detailed report will also be submitted by the experts regarding the training session and scheme implementation to the education council and state departments.
  • Under the schemes the government expects that the learning outcomes for each and every student in the state schools will improve as per their grade level.
  • The new program has been assisted by mass education department of the state as a part of Vocational education for technical support. Proper project management shall also be provided by this department under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan for both higher secondary and secondary levels.

Scheme Implementation Phases

As per the government statements, the two schemes will be implemented state wide in two phases.

  • Phase one – This phase shall be implemented between 18th June 2018 till 31st July 2018. Under this phase remediation classes will be organized along with irregular class syllabus.
  • Phase two– This phase will be organized starting from 1st August 2018. Remediation classes will be organized by school teachers for single period daily in primary schools. Three hour classes will also be organized by teachers on Mondays at secondary levels.

As a part of the program it is expected that government will try and provide with world class educational facilities to the students.

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