Mukhya Mantri Hamari Beti Yojana in Rajasthan

Mukhya Mantri Hamari Beti Yojana in Rajasthan

Though, we talk about the gender equality and gender rights in the nation, still there are several rural villages and districts where the girl children are restricted when it comes to higher education. In order to overcome it, several schemes and plans are being introduced in many states across the nation. The state of Rajasthan introduced Mukhya Mantri Hamari Beti Yojana by which the brighter students who get top three ranks in their studies will be adopted by the state government and they will be assisted by the government funds for all the remaining educational activities.

By doing so, the state government strongly believes that it will motivate the girl’s education among the parents and it act as the motivation of the girl students to perform better in their educational activities. Recently around 92 thousand girl students received Gargi award in Rajasthan.

Women Education in India

Education is an important factor that determined the growth of a developing nation line India. Especially educating girl children are very important as they will have a huge impact on the society. Based on the census reports of 2011, India has an average literacy rate of seventy five percent. Every four out of five males are literate in India. Whereas, literacy rate among the females is around just sixty five percent in the country.

Literacy in Rajasthan state

In Rajasthan, the male literacy rate is almost equal to the average literacy rate of males in the country. But the condition is extremely worse in case of female literacy. The state ranks last in terms of female literacy in the country. Almost one out of every two women is illiterate in the state. The major reason for such poor literacy condition is money. Parents prefer marriage to education for girl children owing to their financial crisis.

Government schemes for Girl children

To improve the education scenario of girls in the state, the government has taken some efforts. All these schemes focus on making the girls students to continue their education.

  • Gargi awards are given to the meritorious students of the state. A sum of four thousand rupees is given to girl students scoring more than seventy five percent in secondary level exams.
  • Under BSPY, the government is giving monetary benefits to SC/ST girls continuing their education after tenth standard. The amount will be deposited in banks under the girl student name.
  • State has opened more than two hundred KGBAV’s for the benefit of more than twenty thousand girls. Sharde chatravas have been increased to more than one hundred fifty accommodating around ten thousand girls.
  • Bicycles have been provided to more than five lakh girl students and scooters to around thousand girls to reach educational institutions from remote areas. Under Rajshri yojana, the girl students are provided with financial assistance to help them grow well. Under Apni Beti Yojana, people working in reputed posts are asked to adopt two girl children to improve the living of girl children in the state.

MMHBY Scheme

In addition to the list of efforts taken by the state for educating girl children, the CM has announced this scheme. This scheme was launched to encourage the meritorious girls. Two meritorious girls are selected from tenth standard in each district, with one girl ranking first in the district and the other ranking first among the BPL. Both will be given a financial assistance of more than two lakh rupees. This scheme tries to provide the meritorious girl children from BPL to get quality education and also training facilities including professional training, sports and private coaching.

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