Free bus passes scheme for all students (primary to post-graduate level) Karnataka

Free bus passes scheme for all students (Primary to Post-Graduate level) Karnataka

The final budget section the current state government of Karnataka for Financial Year 2018-19 has presented recently with lot of welfare schemes for this state people covering almost all sectors. For students from the state has been offered free bus passes, the CM has announced this beneficial scheme during the budget presentation in state assembly.

Karnataka Free bus passes scheme

Launched Details

The CM Mr. Siddaramaiah has announced this welfare scheme for the educational purposes of the state students on 16th February of 2018. As a finance minister, the recently presented budget session is the last one of the current ruling government in the state.

During the budget presentation, the CM also quoted various welfare schemes for the state farmers and also for women students.

Free Bus passes scheme

Well, the students of the Karnataka state who are studying in primary education to the college level courses can avail free bus passes from the state government. So far, the government of Karnataka is offering bus passes for the students at subsidiary basis, the discounted cost should be paid by the respective students to the KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) and BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation).

The orders from the respective authority on the terms and policies to be followed over the free bus passes scheme will be issues to all the educational institutes in next couple of weeks.

Key Features

  • By the announcement of this scheme, now the students from the desired backward communities can avail bus passes at free of cost from the March month renewal.
  • As per the data revealed by the officials in the state transport, about 20 Lakh school going students and as well the college going students will be benefited. The calculation was done on basis of the bus passes issued on previous academic year which is 2017 – 2018.
  • Until, SC/ST students are paying 25% of their travel cost to the public transportation and remaining are shared by state government and SC/ST development Corporation in the ratio of 50% and 25% respectively. Now, it will be free under this scheme.

Estimated budget

By implementing this free bus passes scheme, the state government needs to bearer the additional charges of about 104Cr on yearly basis. CM has directed the entire active department to make use of the budget allocated to this scheme effective.

With this the thought of preferring public transportation systems will arise among the students who are all currently paying about 30k to the transportation facility provided by their educational institutes. Also to boost the safety concern on the state transportations, CCTV provisions are to be fixed which will be moral safety for the women travelers.

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