Free Dhoti Saree Scheme In Tamil Nadu 2020

Free dhoti saree scheme in Tamil Nadu for Pongal 2019

Tamil Nadu state government has distributed free sarees and dhotis for the occasion of Pongal. At a small event CM of the state has given the sets of cloths to seven people to inaugurate the scheme. Needy and poor people of the state will be eligible to receive these cloths for the upcoming Pongal.

Free Dhoti and Saree Scheme for Thai Pongal Launched in Tamil Nadu

Launch Details

Since 2014, the Tamil Nadu state government started distributing Sarees for the Pongal occasion. This year on 5th of Jan 2019, at the secretariat, CM of the state Shree Edappadi K Palaniswami has launched this new scheme in Chennai where along with sarees, dhotis will be given to the poor people as well for the occasion of Pongal.

Eligibility Criteria

As per the original scheme, the state government will arrange an event in which the people belonging under poverty line would receive these sarees and cloths from the government.

Scheme Features

  • Objective:There are two main objectives of the scheme. One is to encourage handloom industry in the state and the other objective is to provide better cloths to the poor people for the upcoming Pongal. All these materials are manufactured by the local handloom weavers.
  • Pongal: Pongal is the New Year for Tamil Nadu inhabitants. This year it will be on 14th of Jan. From that day the Tamil Calendar will start.
  • Background: The scheme originally started in the year 1983 by the then CM M. G. Ramachandran. He started this scheme to encourage and increase employment opportunity in handloom weaving sector in the state.
  • Beneficiaries: Around 1.56 Cr beneficiaries will get benefitted from the scheme. 1.56 Cr sarees and 1.56 Cr dhotis have been allocated to distribute for free.


Rs. 484.25 Cr has been allocated for the scheme by the state government of Tamil Nadu. Already 7 beneficiaries have received Sarees and Dhotis on the launching day by the CM Palaniswami.

Other Schemes

Tamil Nadu state government has started another scheme for the students of class 11. Under this scheme the state will provide bicycles to them for free. 2.7 Lac boys and 3.48 Lac girls will be benefitted from the scheme. With the budget of Rs. 243.96 Cr the scheme will implement soon.

As mentioned that free saree and dhoti scheme was introduced in the year 1986, since then people used to get handloom sarees and dhotis. From 2014, polycot material was introduced in the scheme and since then polycot material sarees are being given.

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