Free Education Scheme for Girls in Jammu and Kashmir

Free Education Scheme for Girls in Jammu and Kashmir

According to the latest news from the Jammu and Kashmir region, the state government of Kashmir has announced that presently it is not in a position to offer state girls with free education. The Local government has mentioned that presently it shall not be offering with free education for girls in government schools.

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Beneficiaries under the scheme

  • Earlier during the Fiscal year 2016-17 the state government had announced that it shall be providing with free education for girls taking admission in High school and Higher secondary school.
  • According to earlier implementations the girls studying in state owned schools in class 10th, 11th and 12th would be able to take the benefit of the scheme.

Latest Implementations by state government

  • According to the statements made by the Education Minister of the state Altaf Bukhari, it has been made very clear that for present academic year 2017-18, the state government will not be offering with fee waiver scheme.
  • The statements made were very clear that the girls who have taken admission in various governments owned state school for above mentioned classes will not be able to take any benefit of the fee waiver scheme for current academic year.
  • According to other statements made the government has also made it very clear that the girl students will not have to pay full fee that is charged by the school for regular students.
  • The have also stated that a very small amount as fee will be collected from every girl student. The government rectified that the schools were presently collecting Rs 1300 fee and a sum of Rs 200 for brochure from girl students. The amount collected will be bought in use for other activities for the students to fulfill their educational needs.
  • The decision for waving off the fee for girl students was earlier stated in the Budget 2016-17 by the state Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu. He had also stated that the scheme would be eligible for girls studying till 12th grade in various government schools.
  • According to the statements made, the state government was supposed to provide with necessary funds to the state schools for waving off the fee. An additional fund would have been provided by the Education Ministry for covering the losses.
  • He also added to his statements that till present date the state government and education Ministry has not yet released with any finds for the schools. This has further made the process of fee waiver scheme implementation very much difficult for state government schools.

According to the latest implementations the state government and education ministry has also stated that on account of the present financial crunch the implementation of the scheme is very difficult in government schools.

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