Mobile Indira Food Truck in Karnataka

Mobile Indira Canteen in Karnataka – Now the canteen will be available on food truck

Indira Canteen in Karnataka has achieved noticeable success since it was launched officially. The food stall is not only supplying food at lower price but also now the canteen will be available on mobile service. The state government of Karnataka will now start food truck instead of fixed canteens in each ward.

Mobile Indira Canteen in Karnataka

Name of the scheme Indira Canteen food truck
Launched in Karnataka
Officially Launched 2017
Indira Canteen truck launched in Jan 2018
Launched by Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah
Beneficiary Poor category

Key Features – Mobile Indira Canteen Service

  • One Canteen per Ward: Indira Canteen has started with the agenda One Canteen per Ward. That means in each ward people will get an Indira Canteen. Unfortunately nearly 15 districts didn’t get land and so the establishment could not take place.
  • Reason for mobile service: Each canteen needs at least more than 1500 sqft area to establish. This costs nearly Rs. 1 Cr. Apart from heavy burden on state government there is lack of enough lands in many areas. This is the reason why the service has gone mobile.
  • Food Truck: The mobile service of the canteen will be starting off soon. In this service the state government will provide food trucks or food vans that will be mobile and can be shifted from one place to another.
  • Facilities: Apart from food the vehicles will have GPS, CCTV camera, underground tank and also over head water tank for fresh drinking water. These vehicles will be fully equipped with many latest technological types of equipment.
  • Process: Mobile vans will be travelled across a certain area / ward. All the used water and materials during the travel will be stocked in the underground sump. When the vehicle will reach to the last destination or the before parked to the garage the sump will be cleared.
  • Operators: Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike or BBMP has taken over the charges of Indira Canteen Mobile services. They will operate the process. Also they will be supervising the trucks’ maintenance and so on.

Indira Canteen is not a sole canteen service that provides food at subsidised price. After Indira canteen many more such services have launched in Karnataka. However Indira has successfully managed to seek attention of common people. Now with mobile service it is expected that people who are unable to reach to the canteen now will be able to have a bite from it sometimes. From 26th January, people in Bangalore will get to see the food truck from Indira canteen.

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