MP Government Launches MP e-Cop App for Women’s Safety

MP Government Launches MP e-Cop App for Women’s Safety

In an attempt to connect to the citizens and increase the safety measures of women in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the MP Govt. has launched the MP e Cop mobile application for its citizens. Through this mobile app, the female can directly contact the police report any case of any crime, misbehavior or emergency. The app was launched by Hon’ble CM of the state, Shree S S Chauhan, along with DG, Police, Madhya Pradesh, Sri  R K Shukla, IPS in the inaugural ceremony held in Bhopal on 6th January, 2017. As per the Chief Minister, the new years’ resolutions of the state govt. is increasing women safety in the state and provide them emergency help by taking several proactive measures, one of them is the MP e cop app service. This app is launched in Hindi language which is also the widely used language in the state , so that it can reach the common people and more effective interactions can be made.

Safety features provided in the MP e Cop app for females

The mobile application is available for download and can be used in almost all smart phones. Girls and women can download the app from the play store and install them in their mobile phones for free. This is a very simple application which will store emergency numbers of five family members / well wishers of the girl who are needed to be informed in case of emergency situations. The user can add names and contact numbers of family members, friends and local guardians in the application. There will be a SOS button available with the app. In situations of distress, harassment, crime, trauma, etc. the user can tap the SOS button and instantly SMSs will be sent to the saved emergency contacts for immediate assistance and help. Several emergency help lines such as that of fire services, ambulances, police stations, hospitals, disaster management, railway helpline, etc. are also provided in the MP e Cop app.

Facilities of MP e Cop app for general citizen

Apart from providing women safety and security which is the main priority task of the mobile application launched by Madhya Pradesh government, this mobile app will also be beneficial to the normal citizens of the state. One can report incidents of road accident, crime, theft, report of fire, etc through this app. This app will also be helpful in reporting and recovering of mission persons, articles, mobile phones, etc. Citizens can also connect with high authorities of Police Dept. through this application to report sensitive matters and pass secret information which can be helpful in fighting crime and maintain law and order throughout the state.

Below are the facilities available in the application:

  1. SOS – for emergency and trauma
  2. Alert – helpline no.
  3. Telephone directory of important offices and institutions
  4. Missing persons recovery
  5. Unknown dead body report
  6. Theft and stolen vehicles report
  7. Vehicle details
  8. Important information to police
  9. Registration, recovery and identification of lost goods and property
  10. Transport E-seva of Madhya Pradesh
  11. MP Police citizen portal
  12. Nearest police station with maps.

Report missing persons and unidentified dead bodies

A very important part of the app is the missing person report and recovery. Through this, a citizen can not only enquire the whereabouts of a missing person, but also one can report the Police department about any person gone missing. The Missing Person Squad of the MP Police will immediately take necessary measures as per proper sections of law. Also if there is a case where there is a dead body recovered without any identity, one can report the police through this application.

How to download and install the MP e Cop app

As the app is launched only in the Android version, so the citizens with Android phones can use this application. Android phone users constitute 95 per cent of the population using smart phones in the country. Android users with Android versions of 4.0 and upwards can download it from Google play store. The link to download the same is: After installation, one can make a one-time registration in this app through their mobile no.

Some technical details related to the app

Sl. No. Attributes Related data
1 Name of the app MP e Cop app
2 OS supported Android
3 Minimum android version required Android 4.0 and higher
4 Internet connectivity required Yes
5 Current version 2.1.5
6 Download source
7 Offered by Mobile App by Madhya Pradesh Police
8 Developer website
9 Alternate link of app
10 Total installs 5,000 to 10,000
11 Ratings 4.4
12 Default app language Hindi

Access all the police stations by one click

As a responsible citizen, one can use this mobile app to directly contact the police department and no one needs to visit the police station for that. This app contains details of each and every police station and other police departments marked in Google maps. One will have to activate the GPS in the phone and the nearest police station will be located. Simultaneously, one can also contact the police to share some critical information if available.

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