Free Sports Coaching Scheme for Government school students in Delhi

Free Sports Coaching Scheme for Government school students in Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal-led government is soon to launch a new sports scheme in the capital of India, Delhi. Students from various government schools across the state will be able to take training for free under this scheme. They don’t need to pay anything to get this training. This registration for the scheme has started already.

Free Sports Coaching for Government school students in Delhi

Launch Details

The AAP government has stated that it will be implemented on pilot basis. The official announcement was made on Tuesdays, 26th Dec 2017. Last date for the application by the students is 29th Jan 2018. By this date students are required to submit their application for the scheme.

Highlights of the Scheme

  • Aim: The scheme aims to provide training to encourage kids to use their energy and potential in sports. By doing so, more young kids will be interested in sports and can get brighter career in future.
  • Academy: Under this scheme a sports academy will be established. Students can enrol themselves in this academy. The training will take place in the play ground of the school premise.
  • Training timing: The timing will be set after school and during the holidays like Saturdays, Sundays and Summer/Winter Holidays. This scheme will not hamper studies of the students.
  • Implementation: Trainings will be given by the sports persons and other members from private sport academies and sports clubs across Delhi. The authority has invited application from them to join the scheme.
  • Schools: All the government schools (state and central run) will be eligible for this scheme. Students studying in government schools will be able to join the scheme.
  • Previous schemes: A similar type of scheme has launched earlier as well. Under that initiative nearly 77 school grounds were taken by the state government for various activities and sports related event organisations. Those events were organised during holidays so that studies won’t hamper for the students.
  • Space: The announcement stated that for this scheme each school has to provide 1 Acre land for the practice. To gather all the students and make them practice for their preferred games the authority needs this much of space.
  • Free sports gear: There are a bunch of kids who can’t afford sports gear or other game related equipments due to financial constraints. There will be some benefits for them as well. The authority will try to provide needful sports gears and equipments for free of cost to those students.
  • Sports Complex: A sport complex will be built in Najafgarh area soon, stated by the state government. The cost for building that complex is Rs. 120 Cr. All the high quality facilities related to any sport will be available in that complex for the students.

Games under this scheme

There are 15 games in total under this scheme. However the number of games will be extended to 31. Football, Basket Ball, Net Ball and baseball are some of the games to be added in the scheme. Apart from these games athletics, hockey, swimming, Wushu, Rugby, boxing and some more games will also be added to the scheme. Martial arts like Judo and Taekwondo will also be there in the scheme.

The scheme will be helpful for many students who are interested in sports but due to financial restriction, can’t afford to join any training school or academy. This scheme will make it easier for them to practice for their favourite sport.


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