Free Tablet scheme Uttarakhand for Meritorious Girls Students – Online Registration

Free Tablet scheme Uttarakhand for Meritorious Girls Students – Online Registration

A new scheme for distributing Free Tablet PCs has been introduced by the Uttarakhand state government. Te new scheme has only been launched to offer benefit for the girl students in the state. The process of making the selection will be done by the state government. Only meritorious students will be offered with the benefit. The government has selected 3000 students for this scheme. With the implementation of the scheme the state government aims at encouraging and promoting the value of education amongst other students as well.


Launch details

  • The state government has stated that the tablet PCs will be distributed for girl students for the academic year 2017-18. The event for distribution of Tablet PCs will be conducted by the government on National Girls day event on 24th January 2018.
  • The event for distribution of the PCs will be organized by Rekha Arya Child Development and Women empowerment Minister for the state.

Key Features

  • Main Objective – The main aim of the state government is to encourage the girls of the state to step forward and perform much better in their education. This will also encourage the parents of the girl to motivate the girl child to study. It will help the girl students get digitalized and make use of internet and Tablet PC for their education purpose.
  • Beneficiary – The state government has already made it clear that the new scheme is launched for scholar girl students of the state.
  • Benefit – Under his scheme the government aims that more number of parents will be encouraged to send their girl child to school for education. It will prove helpful for getting them familiar with latest technology and digitalization.
  • Funds – For the implementation process and purchasing tablet PCs the funds will be directly provided by the state government.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The eligible candidate should be a girl student and should have been born and bought up in Uttarakhand. The students should also have performed best and appeared in the meritorious list in the state exams.
  • The benefit will be provided to the student for scoring better marks in the state school board exam for 10th and 12th Apart from this students performing well in other fields including ITI and Polytechnic exams will also get full benefit under this scheme. The student should have scored 80 percent or above marks in the exams.

Documents required

  • To get registered under the scheme the student will have to provide with a copy of their Aadhar card along with their pass mark sheet.
  • As the scheme is valid for residents of Uttarakhand so they will have to submit a copy of address proof.
  • The student will also have to submit a copy of the bonafide certificate issued by the Uttarakhand authorities along with their photographs.

Registration process

  • To get registered under the scheme the girl student will have to log on to the official website of the state government. On the main page they have to make the selection of the scheme for free Tablet PC.
  • Students have to provide with details related to their personal information including name, age, and other details. All relevant documents also have to be upload by the student on the website that has been self attested along with their photographs.
  • Once all documents have been uploaded then the student just have to select the submit option. a reference ID will be provided that has to be saved for future reference.

By implementing the scheme for the girl students the state government wants to ensure that the meritorious girls are encouraged for performing much better. This will also help other students to get familiar with value of education.

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