{kheloindia.gov.in} Khelo India School Games 2018 – Games List, Dates, Registration

{kheloindia.gov.in} Khelo India School Games 2018 – Games List, Important dates, Online Registration (Football, Kabaddi, Cricket, Basketball, Boxing) Results, Medal Tally

The Central government – Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs has announced about the new program to be conducted in recent time – First Khelo India School Games 2018.  The entire program will be organized under the Khelo India Program that is organized by the committee for the Athletes.

Khelo India program

Launch details

Prime Minister Modi has announced the first Khelo India School Games will start at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on Jan 31. The event will last a week and features students under the age of 17 competing in sixteen different sports. These include basketball, football, boxing, gymnastics, swimming and judo among others. There will be hundreds of medals given out at the event as it works to encourage sporting participation among students around the country.

The top athletes will be eligible for financial assistance of Rs. 5 lakh per year for eight years. This will work for helping students who are exceptional in sporting activities to train to their best abilities.

Date of events (Important games)

According to the latest updates, The Ministry and central government has already stated that the events for Kehlo India Program shall be organized starting from 31st Jan onwards till 8th Feb 2018.


The Ministry has approved the launch of the above mentioned initiative for school going students between age groups 10 to over 18 years old. In order to take the benefit the students will have to get their names registered through the proper channel.

Set Budget

  • According to the Ministry and central government, there has already been a decision for allocating an amount of Rs 1756 Crore as set budget that will be implemented from 2017-202 for organizing and conducting these games.
  • The government has also stated that a committee will be designed for making the selection of over 1000 best athletes under this program. The government has also announced that under this budget the selected athletes will be offered with Rs 5 lakh each scholarship for a period of 8 years.

Key features

  • One of the most important features is that the central government has announced to live telecast the entire events for promotional reasons for the players. The relay would be done directly by the Star Sports channel.
  • All details related to the show and its telecast is available on the official website http://kheloindia.gov.in/. The program will be organized by the government at the national level for selecting best players in sporting events.
  • The government has also stated that with an aim to help identify the hidden talents within the children in the country it is important to organize such events. This activity will help in identifying such kids and then offering them with desired training.
  • This activity will help in creating an entire team of best sports men from the country who can be trusted for their performance and winning medal for the country at the international level.
  • By the new implementation program the government aims at promoting the value of sports amongst children and also aims at covering the sports for all program for over 20 crore school children.

Details of events

  • Under the sports for all programs the government has provided with a complete list of games and sporting events to be organized on the official website mentioned above.
  • The students can collect full details of the sporting events to participate along with dates of events from the web portal. The details of different sporting events including athletics, archery, wrestling, football, martial arts, Hockey, swimming and other local events are available for students to participate.

Schedule list

  • For archery the event will be organized at India Gate and Jawaharlal Nehru stadium between 31st January to 3rd February 2018 onwards.
  • The events for Athletics will also be organized between 31st January till 3rd February 2018 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.
  • Candidates who want to participate in Badminton games can get to enjoy the games from 5th till 8th February 2018 at the Indoor stadium – Indira Gandhi Sports Complex.
  • Basketball will be held at the IGIS (Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium) Sports complex starting from 5th onwards till 8th February 2018.
  • The sporting event like Boxing for players will be organized at the Indira Gandhi Stadium – complex starting from 3rd February 2018 onwards till 8th February 2018.
  • Football game will be held by the authorities at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium starting from 31st January 2018 on wards till 8th February 2018.

khelo india school games medal Tally final results

Click here for see finals results.

With an aim to promote sports activities amongst the students the government has taken this initiative. The students and others will be able to view full telecast of the events to see the performances of the students.

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