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UP Widow Pension Scheme 2018 (Vidhwa) Application Form Status Check List @sspy-up.gov.in

The central and Uttar Pradesh State government has announced to launch the new NSAP (National Social Assistance Programme) which is a type of Pension scheme. The Government of the state has announced to offer coverage in the form of pensions to the Widow women of the state. The coverage will be offered as per the Vidhwa Pension Yojana. As per the statements made by the government the coverage or pension assistance will be offered to the widow women between age 18 to 60 years.

UP Widow Pension Scheme

Eligibility criteria

  • As per the state government sources, the new pension scheme (Nirashit Mahila), will only offer coverage to the Widows of the state of Uttar Pradesh. So it is obvious that the beneficiary should be local resident of the state.
  • Besides, the beneficiary should also be a widow and not married. The age limit of 18 years to 60 years for registration under the scheme has been set by the government.
  • It is also obvious that the new pension scheme will only offer coverage to women who belong to BPL families of the state. As a part for the drive the beneficiaries can now take full benefit to get registered under the scheme via official online web portal services launched by the government.
  • The application forms can be availed by the beneficiaries on the official website. Apart from this the government has also made it clear that the benefit will only be availed to the widow who has not got remarried to any other person after the death of her husband.
  • Besides, it is also important that the beneficiary registered under this particular scheme should not be drawing pension from any other such government scheme including Old Age Pension Scheme 2018 – UP.
  • The beneficiaries to get benefit under this scheme should also be listed under the 2002 List of BPL beneficiaries under NSAP. You can also check with eligibility at http://sspy-up.gov.in/pdf/WidowPension_Note%20(1).jpg

As a part for the drive the government has already made it very clear that Widows who have dependent children and are not able to feed them on account of financial crises can get registered under the scheme and take full benefit of the pension amount.

Process for completing Application Form online 2018

  • For any Widow candidate the process of getting registered online is very much simplified. To apply under Vidhwa Pension Yojana – 2018 (UP), or Nirashrit Mahila Pension Scheme applicants have to log on to the official web portal at sspy-up.gov.in.
  • On the main page you will have to locate the link for “Nirashrit Mahila Pension” or you can also directly make the selection of link at http://sspy-up.gov.in/IndexWIDOW.aspx. Next on the redirected web page you have to again locate “Registration Online” option under the scheme or directly select http://sspy-up.gov.in/oap/public/MenuPageForPublic.aspx?s=WidowPension.
  • The moment you arrive at the new web page you have to make selection of “New form – Entry” option. The web page will be opened on a separate browser page where you will be able to view the Application form for getting registered. On the Application Form for UP Widow Pension scheme you may have to provide with your valid details.
  • It is important for candidates to fill in all details requested on the application form for validation. Also ensure that each set of information you enter is correct to your knowledge for verification. Once entered, all set of information can be saved by selecting the “Save” Option.
  • Candidates are further also allowed to make any changes in case they have entered wrong information. The moment you realize your errors you can freely check with the form again under “Edit” option or click the link at http://sspy-up.gov.in/oap/public/LandingPage.aspx?F=U.
  • Once edited you are also allowed to save all your changes made as final copy by selecting “Submit” option. It is better to view and check with details before submitting.
  • If any applicant wishes to view the application form at any time during processing stage you can select “View” option of click the link http://sspy-up.gov.in/oap/public/LandingPage.aspx?F=P for visiting directly.
  • Applicants have also been provided with option where they can request for a print out copy of the form by selecting “Print” option from the main page. You can directly visit this page by clicking the link at http://sspy-up.gov.in/oap/public/UserManual/Public%20Entry%20User%20Manual.pdf
  • If any applicant wants to make am manual submission of the form or documents they will have to submit it within a month once they have completed with the process of Application form registration Online. The forms and docs will have to be submitted at the DPO/ DSWO/ DHWO administrative offices. You can also check with complete format for the online application form before printing out at http://sspy-up.gov.in/AboutScheme/app_frmt_wid.pdf.

Documents required

  • In order to get registered under the Widow pension scheme for 2018 the applicants will have to submit for verification process a copy of their Photo graphs (Passport sized) in digital PDF format (20 KB).
  • A 100 KB PDF format file should be uploaded by the applicant along with application form for verification purpose as their Identity proof. They can upload a copy of Aadhar card, Voter ID or Ration card copy.
  • For getting financial assistance the applicants also have to provide with a registered Bank account number for DBT and a copy of Pass Book (100 KB in size and PDF format) has to be uploaded along.
  • In order to prove that the candidate belongs to the BPL family group they will have to submit a copy of their income proof in 100 KB PDF format as digital file upload along with the form.
  • Each of the widow beneficiaries has also to submit a digital copy uploaded format in PDF file 100 KB size as the death certificate issued by the authorities for their husband.
  • All other details have to be mentioned officially on the application form along with total number of documents submitted or uploaded.

 Pensioners list for 2018 Widow Pension Scheme

The government has provided the provision for each of the applicant who have been earlier registered under the Vidhwa Pension Scheme for 2017-18. Applicants can present check with the Names on the list provided and Updated by government on the web portal. The list is available for 2017-18-Vidhwa Pension Yojana. The list has been updated Village/Tehsil/District wise for each registered and eligible candidate at official website sspy-up.gov.in.

The List has been updated with details of the applicants like parents name, payment details, registration number, pensioners name, bank details and etc.

Each of the details can directly be viewed by the beneficiary at the official web portal or directly at http://sspy-up.gov.in/WidowPension/WidowReportDistrictVise_1718.aspx.

Check Status under Widow Pension Scheme 2018

  • In case any widow or applicant wants to check or track the application status online they will have to log on to the official web portal. From the main page they have to make the selection of the “Status check” option provided or directly try and visit the link via http://sspy-up.gov.in/oap/public/MenuPagePublicFor_Password.aspx.
  • In order to proceed with the status checking the applicants will have to create their valid PW that can be used for logging into the official web portal. The PW can be created after providing with bank account details or visiting the link directly at http://sspy-up.gov.in/oap/public/Registration_Public.aspx.
  • Once the PW has been created the applicants will be able to further log into the official website using the log in credentials. You can also log in directly at http://sspy-up.gov.in/oap/public/Login.aspx after entering your PW.
  • You can also go through the complete list of guidelines provided by the government on the official website or directly click the link at http://sspy-up.gov.in/oap/public/Doc1.docx.

The complete list for beneficiaries have already been updated by the government on the website that can be checked by anyone after logging in officially or by visiting the link directly at http://sspy-up.gov.in/IndexWIDOW.aspx.

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