Uttar Pradesh Mahamana Gau Gram Scheme Model – Cowsheds Milk Plant Gaushala

Uttar Pradesh Mahamana Gau Gram Scheme Model – Cowsheds Milk Plant Gaushala Gau Samvardhan Yojana

The ruling BJP government of Uttar Pradesh lead by Mr. Yogi Adityanath has proposed a new scheme named Gau Gram Scheme for handling the state farmers especially on maintaining their cows. In addition to that the newly proposed scheme will be also handy for protecting the cows across the state.

Uttar Pradesh Mahamana Gau Gram Scheme

Launch Detail

On 11th of February 2018, the CM of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Yogi has hinted about the features and benefits of this scheme by laying foundation which is worth of Rs. 4 hundred crore at Mathura. The foundation which laid at the whopping cost was done for the benefits of the surrounding 100 and above villages.

During the event, the CM has stated that the Minister Mr. Laxmi Narayan has continuously raising the issues related to cows and farmers in about all cabinet ministers meeting. Owing to that my government came up with this plan for offering cowsheds under this Gau Gram scheme. He also quoted that his government has taking all the necessary actions to protect the cows from getting killed and also now looks to improve the farmer’s income with their cows.

Key features and Benefits of this Gav Gram Scheme

  • Objective of the scheme – This newly proposed scheme fully focused to protect the cows from being butchered and to give proper accommodation facility in such a way that will be helpful for the state farmers. By utilizing this scheme, the state farmers can able to increase their monthly income, in an outline, the scheme generally developed with the motive of fulfilling the PM’s vision of doubling the income of farmers within 2022.
  • Well, the scheme will be implemented on various phases and in initial the setup will be placed in the urban areas of the state.
  • Followed by urban areas of the state UP, the state government is planning to open such cowsheds under this scheme in all tehsils and villages. All those cowsheds will be placed with the assistance of government.
  • With the aid of this Gau Gram Scheme, now farmers can able to earn handsome money by selling the milk which can be yielded from cows and also by selling the cow dung & urine for various organic purposes.
  • Also, the farmers of the UP state will be given with high milk yield breeds of cows by the state government. As per the data from the officials of Gochar Bhoomi Trust which is responsible for promoting the cowsheds opening in the state, has mentioned that around 10,000 cow breeds will be distributed under the new scheme in near future.

The chief minister of the state also raised the support from the common people of the state for making this detonative scheme of cow protection as successful one. He also added that state government is about to place a milk plant in those cowsheds also known as gaushala in nearby future.

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