BPO Jobs for Rural India using this BPO Government Scheme

BPO Jobs for Rural India using this BPO Government Scheme

In order to boost the IT – Infrastructure in the rural areas of the nation, the Indian government initiated the India BPO promotion scheme under which BPO sectors newly opened in the rural areas. As the BPO sector plays a vital role in improving the nation’s GDP and also offers lots of employment opportunity among Indian youths, the ministry of communications and Information Technology promotes the scheme in wide range.

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Objective of the scheme

Under the scheme of digital India, the Indian BPO Promotion Scheme was initialized and offered more than 40K employment to the unemployed youths of the nation in the BPO/ITES sectors. Each and every state of the nation gets covered under the BPO Promotion Scheme started by the current ruling BJP government.

For readers information, a BPO unit which can be started under this scheme can be either voiced based or a data based operation. In fact, unit can be manage both voice and as well as the data process in its operation. For employment, soft technical skills along with the good communication skills are the necessary including the basic knowledge of computer is required for BPO sector.

Salient Features of the scheme:

  • Government offers 50% of the finance support for the BPO/ITES operations started in the rural areas of the nation. However, the upper scale limit would be Rs.1 Lakh per BPO center.
  • BPO administrators would be special and extra incentives when they prefer women for their business employment. In addition to that, hiring disabled person as their employee will get them to receive extra incentives.
  • The scheme encourages lots of local and rural entrepreneurship among the rural youths especially in HP, J&K and so. Also the government offers special incentives for the management which hires employee above the target level.

Employment Opportunities (Beneficiary)

The ambitious scheme was flagged by the current Prime Minister Mr. Modi in 2014 with the whopping investment of near about Rs.500 Cr. As per the data released by the Mr. Prasad the union minister of India, the scheme was started with the target of creating 48 thousand employment opportunities across the nation, and so far the scheme has employed around 35 thousand employee. He also added that the scheme will go further and employees more than the target of 48k seats in all the states of the nation.

On responding to the queries that the norms and regulations for opening BPO under the scheme is hard, the minister replied that the norms for bank guarantee has been relaxed and we are expecting more number of BPO centers to be born under the scheme throughout the nation.

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