Haryana State One Year Regular Computer Training Course – Upgradation Scheme

Haryana State One Year Regular Computer Training Course – Upgradation Scheme

The state government of Haryana has announced the launch of a new professional training and skill development scheme termed as one year regular computer training upgradation scheme. The scheme is aimed at offering with free training for unemployed youth of the state for developing their skills with data entry and typing on computers.

Haryana State One Year Regular Computer Training Course Scheme

Launch Details

The new computer training scheme will be launched within the state of Haryana from 1st Jan 2018. According to the sources the new scheme will be completely regulated for implementation by the Government department itself by forming a responsible committee.

Eligibility Criteria

  • According to the sources the state government has already made it clear that the new scheme is valid for Haryana state candidates only. So it is important that the Candidate has to be a citizen of Haryana state.
  • The eligible candidate should be belonging to the BPL -backward class / ST – Schedule Tribe/ SC – Schedule Caste (economically weaker section) of the society.
  • The eligible candidate to opt for computer training program should have passed minimum of 12th class from the state’s school with passing grades.
  • It is also important that the annual income of the family members should not exceed Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand to take the benefit under the scheme.

Key Features of the scheme

  • The new scheme can be termed as skill development scheme that will offer benefit to the deserving candidates so they can under go computer training and develop their typing and other Data entry and computer operation related skills.
  • Once the scheme has been launched the selection of the candidates will be done on the basis of Merit list prepared by eh selected committee from various schools within the state limits.
  • The state government will provide with the right level of training to the candidates for a period of one year from the date of registration.
  • During the training period each of the candidates will also be provided with a stipend of Rs 250 on monthly basis as compensation towards motivating the candidate to come forward and develop their IT skills.
  • For the selection process a separate committee will be set up by the state government. The process of formation of committee will begin from 27th Dec 2017 at the Karnal office department.
  • It is also obvious that the complete list and details related to the launch and implementation of the scheme will be directly submitted to the respective IT department by Mr. Surendra Kumar Pulia (District Officer).

With the launch of the new scheme it is obvious that the state government aims at educating the youth of the state for being IT literate so they can improve their chances of getting better job opportunities in the future.

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