Haryana Kilkari Call Service Scheme – Especially for Pregnant Women

Haryana Kilkari Call Service Scheme – Especially for Pregnant Women

It is extremely important to make the rural women aware of prenatal and post natal maternal care. The government is striving to provide proper guidance to pregnant women under the Haryana Kilkari Scheme. The women folk shall receive audio messages under this scheme which will help them take necessary steps at different times during their pregnancy.

Haryana Kilkari Call Service Scheme

Launch Details

This scheme was first launched on 22nd April 2017, which was the last day of the State-level Orientation Workshop in the state. It is being implemented by the National Health Mission in Haryana.

Features of the scheme

  • Objective: The objective of this scheme is to make sure that the pregnant women get proper diagnosis and timely prenatal care for safe delivery.
  • Calling feature: The main idea is to call the women from time to time to remind them how they should be taking care of their health at this stage of their pregnancy.
  • Phone number: At the time of checkup during pregnancy, your phone number shall be registered with the government. On this number, the government will send alerts.
  • Need for scheme: Since the main health care worker, Asha Verma, cannot come to the house of the pregnant women due to her busy schedule, this scheme is important.

Implementation process

  • First phase: From the second trimester onwards you will get calls on your mobile phone. They will consult with you regarding the best way to take care of your health.
  • Audio messages: 72 audio messages shall be sent to the recipient from the moment the first trimester has taken place, till the child has attained 1 year age.
  • Who will call: The call will come from a computer that will play the audio messages. It will be done in a completely computerized method to optimize efficiency.
  • What will they say: The main effect of this scheme is that it will remind you to get regular health checkups. Also, it will give you instructions on what is the best medical care that you should take at the current stage of your pregnancy.
  • When can we expect the calls? You can expect the concerned authorities to call you every week with some or the other advices related to your stage of pregnancy.

This scheme will make sure that women know what to do at different stages of their pregnancy. This scheme will make sure that even after the child is born the mothers know how to take best care of the infant. It will decrease child mortality rate considerably.

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