Haryana Shramik Panjikaran Abhiyan Scheme

Haryana Shramik Panjikaran Abhiyan Scheme 2018 Majdoor ID Card, How to register, Eligibility Criteria, Construction Labourers (श्रमिक पंजीकरण अभियान )

A high percentage of people are associated with unorganized sector and work as labors in construction sites. These people work under dire conditions, but don’t get enough remuneration. To address this situation, state government of Haryana has come up with a new scheme that offers authorized identity cards to labors. The name of this scheme is Haryana Shramik Panjikaran Abhiyan.

Haryana Shramik Panjikaran Abhiyan

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Shramik Panjikaran Abhiyan
Launch in Haryana
Launched by Mr. Nayab Singh
Supervised by Labour and Employment Ministry of Haryana
Launch date 2nd July, 2018
End date 31st July, 2018
Registration campaign started from Ambala


Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of labors – The main objective behind the implementation of this new scheme is to set the foundation for the overall development of labors. They also need recognizing for their job, and the ID card is the right step towards that.
  2. Category of workers – People associated with construction sites, doing physical or supervisory work will be allowed to enroll in this scheme. Apart from this, individuals associated with technical and clerical work, in the said field will also be able to enroll for this ID card.
  3. Phases of implementation – The scheme will be implemented in three separate phases. It will ensure that the state authority reaches out to as many as labors as possible.
  4. Labor chowks included – As of now, this unique program has been implemented in 55 labor chowks. In time, more such chowks will be brought under the umbrella of this scheme.
  5. New canteen will open – For the betterment of labors and to ensure that they get adequate food without having to travel for long, state authority will start constructions of several canteens at Ambala, Panchkula, Karnal, Panipat and Bhiwani.
  6. Registration fee – All applicants will have to pay a minimal fee of Rs. 25 during the submission of the enrollment form.
  7. Monthly contribution – Once the applicants have been chosen, they need to pay a nominal contribution fee of Rs. 5 on a monthly basis.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Resident of Haryana – Only those labors will be able to get the benefits of this scheme who are permanent residents of Haryana.
  2. Age of applicants – It has been mentioned in the scheme that only those labors will be able to apply for this project who fall in the age bracket of 18 years to 60 years.
  3. Work status – The candidate must have worked for at least 90 days during the last year to apply for this ID card.

Documents required for application

  1. Residential documents – Only those labors will be able to get their names enrolled under this scheme that have proper residential proofs. Otherwise, the state will bar them from getting their identity card.
  2. Aadhar card – To make it easy for the authority to cross-check the details and to offer personal data, it is mandatory for applicants to offer their Aadhar cards.
  3. Age proof – Due to the age related criterion, all applicants need to offer their birth certificate or any other legal document that supports their age claims.
  4. Work proof – As there is a work related criterion, only those will be able to get their ID cards who have recent construction site recites.
  5. Passport sized photos – The applicants will have to submit three recently clicked passport sized snaps. These will be required during registration and one will be pasted on the ID card that will be issued by Haryana government.

How to register to get identity card?

The scheme is rather new. Respective authority is still to offer all details about the registration procedure. It is expected that both online and offline registration methods will be offered for the easy enrollment for all labors.

Phases of scheme implementation

  1. Phase I – During this phase, labors will have to come to the selected labor chowks in order to get the registration done.
  2. Phase II – This phase included labors who are engaged in work in construction sites, located all over the state.
  3. Phase III – During this phase, labors, stationed in rural areas will be registered.

What benefits will card holders receive?

  1. Authorized recognition – The main advantage of the ID card is it will offer all labors official recognition. They will no longer have to depend on any other document to prove that they are associated with this field.
  2. Access to government sponsored perks – The state government and central authority launches many schemes, which are designed to offer betterment for labors. With this unique ID card, applicants will be able to get these perks directly.
  3. Quality food at low costs – Several canteens has already been established within the state under another food related scheme. If the labors have this ID card with them, then they will be able to enjoy nutritious and tasty food at low cost. For every meal, ID card holding labors will have to pay only Rs. 10.

Allocated budget for the scheme

As of now, the state government of Haryana has allocated as much as 400 crore as the preliminary budget of the scheme. The money will be utilized to offer labors all necessary facilities that they need.

Labors, especially those who work in the unorganized sector do not get very high pay. This scheme will ensure that they necessary benefits from the state with relative ease. It will develop the overall status of the labors in Haryana.

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