Herbal Garden Scheme in JK Schools

Herbal Garden Scheme Introduced in JK Schools

The Herbal Garden Scheme has been introduced for use in schools around Jammu and Kashmir. This is a campaign designed to preserve the environment. A State Coordination Cell will be used to help with handling the scheme and getting more schools in this part of India to work with it. The scheme is especially expected to be an educational experience for students around India as they begin to learn more about how the environment works and what they can do to protect it.

How the Scheme Works

The scheme is designed with this setup to ensure that it is run in an appropriate manner:

  • Herbal gardens will be produced on surplus land spaces in schools around the region. This is to help with conserving plants and to help with growing rare plants and herbs.
  • This is to help with teaching students about farming techniques. It entails knowing how plants grow and what it takes to keep them alive and healthy.
  • Points on medicinal uses of plants will be covered. A look at how many of these plants are used will make a difference when it comes to understanding what people can get out of those plants.
  • Conservation is a key part of the scheme. Students will learn about how to grow plants and to keep them healthy. This is especially with the intention of making it easier for students to keep plants healthy and under control.

How Will the Scheme Be Carried Out?

This scheme will be carried out through an order from the Education Department. The State Coordination Cell will operate the functions involved here. A nodal officer will also help with managing the cell to ensure that all functions involved are to be carried out as well as possible. The RMSA framework will also be critical to getting the scheme to stay operational and active. By using this plan, it should be easier for schools around the region to be supported with enough assistance for keeping it up.

This is also to help with improving upon the biodiversity of the country. With global warming and other commonplace issues being a threat, there is a need to take a look at how plants may be preserved. By educating students in JK schools, they can learn to understand how the environment works and to become more aware of what they can do to secure it.

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