Mukhya Mantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojana Himachal Pradesh

Mukhya Mantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojana Himachal Pradesh

India is largely dependent on agricultural lands. The growth of agriculture plays a key role in Nation’s growth. GSDP helps to access the agricultural growth and productivity of each state. Based on GSDP, HP is among the top ranking states in the country.

Threat to agricultural Lands

Agricultural yield is affected in HP due to animals. Animals such as blue bulls, monkeys, deer, boars and stray animals enter the fields and damage the crops. According to the reports, more than 1.5 lakh area lands are affected by animals causing a loss of more than 200 Cr to the farmers.

Electric Fencing on Farms

In order to protect the crops from animals, electric fencing is done around the cultivated area since manual protection is not effective. The electric fencing can be a regular electric fencing or solar electric fencing. A new type of power fencing is also used. It is a solar powered electric fencing in which electrification of fence is done with pulsating current. The cost of fencing depends upon the area to be fenced.

Mukhya Mantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojana

Introduced by the state government, this scheme helps the farmers to build the fences for protecting their crops. The state has also planned to use SPV technology as power source by installing solar fencing. Sixty percent of financial needs will be provided by the government, whereas, the remaining amount should be spent by the beneficiary.

Expected achievements

On successful implementation of the scheme, the state is expecting an increase of twenty five percent in crop production. Drudgery is expected to be reduced by fifty percent.

Bio-diverse farming is facing threat from wild animals as they are tempting to them. Fencing will encourage the farmers to take it. Above all, it will give farmers security to their crops, livelihood and reduction in physical and mental stress.

Who can apply?

  • Farmers from all the districts in the state can avail this scheme according to their requirement. The farmers should have a compact land with cultivation according to revenue record.
  • Farmers can apply individually or as a group for gaining benefits under this scheme. Farmers who are interested to protect their land by electric fencing can apply.
  • Priority for providing assistance will be given to farmers whose only source of income is agriculture and horticulture. Priority will also be given to community farming and compact areas.

How to apply?

The application forms can be obtained from all district, circle and block level offices. The duly filled in applications can be submitted to the area’s extension officer or development officer or subject matter specialist of agriculture department. Farmers who are interested to avail the assistance provided by the government should submit an application to Agriculture Department’s Deputy Director along with the necessary revenue papers.

An undertaking should be submitted in the form of self attested affidavit in a judicial paper declaring sole responsibility for death of humans/ wild animals/ Property due to mismanagement of fencing and regular maintenance of fencing.

Assistance to Farmers

  • Details of all the models and equipments regarding placing the fences over the cultivation lands will be available in the nodal officers; PIA’s and in departments sub offices.
  • Experienced service providers will help right from surveying to commissioning of fencing systems under this scheme. Training on handling and maintaining will be provided by companies. If the farmer is interested in annual maintenance contract, facilitation will be done by DNO’s and PIA’s.
  • The components required for the construction can be chosen by the farmers according to their requirement and choice. Complete details are available in the estimate along with the materials used in construction.
  • Loans will be facilitated by the department. Universities will provide R&D support during the time of project as well as post project period. All the necessary forms will be provided free of cost.

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