HP Panchayat Election Roster voter list download | Vidha Sabha

HP Panchayat Election Roster voter list download | Vidha Sabha

The election commission of every state determines and constantly updates the voter lists. All the major changes within the voter lists, regarding the address, the names of votes and any other information to be collected and updated are done by the State election commission before any elections. We all are aware of the fact that 2016 has very few months left and 2017 HP Vidha Sabha Elections are approaching. And this is why the state government has decided to take up the procedure of updating the voter lists as fast as possible. The voter list is also known as the Matdata Suchi or the Electoral roll. While a lot of people have already got their voter ID cards, a lot of people are yet to receive their cards. And there are different ways to know whether your name exists within the voter list or not.

HP Panchayat Election

This article is going to show you how the voter list can b checked for searching your names within the list. And after that you will be able to download the latest electoral roll in a pdf format from the official website. But we are going to know about a few details first.

What is a voter list?

The Voter list is actually the collection of names and many other details of the total number of voters within the state. This database is solely official document and it has to be handled with utmost care. The database is created by the Election Commission of India that comprises of the different information about the voters like the Name, Age, Gender, Address, Photo and few more details. The file that contains all such information about the voters is known as the electoral roll. If you need to make any changes within the list, you need to notify the election commission for implementing the change.

How to check HP Voter List with photo?

If you want to see whether your name exists within the list or not you can use the following steps for searching whether you have your name in the Electoral roll.

The first step is to visit the official page of the election commission of India and then you have to select the district and constituency.

The next step is to enter the name, husband/father’s name, your age and finally select the gender.

Now you shall be provided with a code in a box. You have to enter the digits that you see within the box provided.

When this much information is completed, you need to click on the search button. And that’s it, All you r details shall be shown.

After this, you shall find your voter number, name, serial number, voter card number, constituency number, polling station even the house number. The very first option that you will see is “show your voter slip”. This means, it will be a really good idea to have a scanned copy of your voter card online. Now if you have all these details online, this means, you have your voter details on the database of Election Commission of India. So you are eligible in casting your vote on the scheduled date.

Well, sometimes it happens that, a lot of individuals name is not present on the voter list. It’s really disappointing. But you won’t need to worry about that, if you have the voter card in hand, you are eligible for casting your vote in any elections of India. Sometimes the server takes time to update, which causes the delay. With this method, you can check whether your name is within the Election Commission of India Database.

Now this method will show you how to download the PDF of the electoral roll.

The first step is to visit the official website of the election commission. And then you have to select your district.

Now the next step is to select the assembly segment. After that you have to elect the polling station.

Then you will have the option of “click to show pdf”. Click to open the pdf file and if you are looking to download the file, then the download option will be present at the up right hand corner. You can use the download managers like IDM for downloading the pdf file if you are using Google chrome or Mozilla. At present the voter list is updated till 15th September, 2015. If you have applied for the voter card after this date, then you have to wait till the next voter list is published. There are seats for the Vice-president, President and any other ward posts within the committee. All the members have been notified for the preparations of the election.

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. State Himachal Pradesh
2. The main parties BJP



Himachal Lokhit Party

3. Election schedule TO be released soon
4. Candidates List will be announced soon
5. Election is held for Panchayati Raj Committees
6. Total number of posts 3243
7. Total number of panchayats included 78

HP Vidhan Sabha elections 2017

Well, as the assembly elections are approaching, we know that the next Vidhan Sabha Elections are going to take place in the year 2017. And we are really aware of the fact that assembly elections are a major battle between the different political parities of India. These elections decide which party is going to rule a certain state for the next five years. And in case of Himachal Pradesh, this will be decided in the year 2017. Now that being said, since the elections are knocking at the door, all the parties have started preparations for it.

The tough collision

As of now, we know that in Himachal Pradesh, there is always the real collision between the BJP and the Congress parties. Because these two are the major parties that have ruled the HP state for quite some time now and this time too, these two parties are going to be the prime competitors. The candidates of rallying against each other will be Prem Kumar Dhumal vs. Raja Virbhadra Singh. We believe that anything can happen in this election, but it cannot be denied that there are very thin chances of any other parties like AAP to dominate in the HP region.

With the elections approaching a huge number of viewers are really curious to know about the different details, about the elections, the candidates, regions and the voting preparations. In this article we are going to offer you as much information as possible because at present not too much information has been disclosed by any parties contending in the elections of 2017.

The merge with HLP

According to the latest news for the elections of 2017, the Himachal Lok Party chief, known as Maheshwar Singh will soon join the BJP on 14th August.

Merging of BJP and HLP

21st August 2016. More than 70 members took the pledge to join and serve the BJP. The members were welcomed by the district head Bhim Sen. This is going to be a huge upturn in the political scenario and this means BJP is going to have an upper hand with the support of HLP

And at the same time it was disclosed that the Chief Minister Raja Virbhadra Singh is not sure to take part in the 2017 elections. He will either fight or choose someone else in the election. While we do not know the exact dates yet, but it has been disclosed that the elections of 2017 is going to take place in November 2017. The Assembly wise election dates and other information will soon be released by the HP election commission.

There are a total of 68 assembly constituencies within HP and a few of them are actually reserved for the SC and ST and most of them are not reserved. You can get the constituency reservation details in the official website of HP election commission. The BJP has not released any candidate details yet but the seat wise candidates shall be released soon. And similarly Congress party also has not yet released any candidate details. But this time AAP shall be offering a tough competition to the other parties. We do not have any official announcement of candidates for different parties.

Additional details of parties

While the Congress is the major party in HP, the BJP is also working its level best. The last year it was the BJP who evolved as the second majority party. And this time BJP is working really hard by putting strong candidates with high winning chances. This is the 13th time, the Vidhan Sabha elections are going to be held in HP. The record in HP elections is, no party has come twice in power. So we are really eager to know whether there is a change in the records or will the record remain same. Last time in the year 2012, just before the elections there were some major flaws in the seat distribution of BJP, but this time chances are higher for BJP.

In the previous elections, the two major contenders, Prem Kumar Dhumal won 26 seats from BJP and Vir Bhadra Singh won 36 seats. So everyone is expecting a really tough fight here. You can download the complete voter list pdf from the official website and also check whether your name is in the Voter list online.

In a huge ceremony, held in Kullu, the HLP merged with BJP. It was officially disclosed by the Himachal Lokhit Chief Maheshwar Singh. Among the 70 members, Maheshwar Singh and Shyama Sharma were the 70 members of HLP who took the pledge. At present Maheshwar Singh is going to function as the ordinary member of BJP till now, but it is expected that he will be offered with additional powers. On being asked what post will Maheshwar Singh hold for the party, such matters are still under discussion.

1 Election Area HP Vidhan Sabha Elections
2 Year Of Election 2017
3 Major Parties Congress BJP And HLP
4 Formation Of HLP 2nd February 2012
5 Last HP Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2012
6 Virbhadra Singh Won by 10 Seats
7 Vir bhradra Singh seats 36
8 Prem Kumar Dhumal 26
9 Major Changes Merging Of two political parties BJP & HLP
10 Merging Date 21st August 2016

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