Kanivu Scheme Kerala

Kanivu Scheme Kerala

Kerala, being the most developed state in India, has immense number of educated people and other developed amenities. Unfortunately despite being the most upgraded state it has been witnessing several issues like sudden poverty, life-threatening diseases and other illness among old people. According to study the mortality rates are decreasing in the state with the help of new medicines but illness remain the same. People don’t die easily like earlier days but get bedridden due to heavy illness. Looking at this situation the president of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has launched a new medical program in Kerala namely Kanivu for the old citizens of the state.

Kanivu Scheme Kerala

Kanivu Scheme Key Features

  • Under the supervision of the Kerala state government, President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has launched a medical scheme namely Kanivu on February 2016.
  • The scheme will provide medical assistance to the old people who are bedridden and mentally unstable. This scheme does not provide any facilities to the people who are not mentally sick or have some sorts of physical disorder.
  • The scheme will be funded by the state government of Kerala. Under this scheme all the mentally unstable patients who are bedridden will get medicines, assistance, treatment, shelter and much more related as per their needs in much lower cost.
  • Kanivu scheme is only for the citizens of the state Kerala. To avail the scheme one must hold a permanent address (voter ID) in anywhere across the state.

Kanivu Scheme Eligibility

To avail the scheme one needs to fulfil certain criteria. The patients must suffer from mental disorder and also have to be bed ridden. Anyone who is suffering from mental illness but not bedridden or engaged in some productive work will not be eligible for the scheme.

The patients will have to be the permanent citizens of Kerala. Anyone who is not living in Kerala or not having any permanent address in the state will not be eligible for the Kanivu scheme.

Kanivu Scheme Facilities

Under the Kanivu scheme the patients will get medical facilities from the government. As mentioned that the scheme is solely for the mentally unstable people who are bedridden, the scheme will provide proper treatment, shelter, medication and all sorts of rehabilitation to the patients.

Also the government has stated that they will bring down the rates of needful medicines for the patients who belong to economically weaker sections and unable to purchase special medicines. Nithi and Karunya, the two government operated medical stores are already in existence in the state. Now the government has cut down the custom duty and other taxes to make the medicines available in cheaper price.

Kanivu Scheme Implementation

Kanivu scheme will start working through the Kudumbashree centres in Kerala. There will be Kanivu representatives who will join hands with health department of Kerala government to identify such patients across the state. Also the public health organisation namely Asha will be joining the Kanivu team to help in the scheme. Asha members who will be involved in this scheme will get Rs. 1000/- as stipend. This will not be a charity or free service so the workers will get good pay under the scheme. It will also help the authority to bring in more helping hands in future. The representatives and the helpers will take care of the patients, give them shelters and also arrange rehabilitation and workshop for their mental stability.

Kanivu Scheme Budget and Funding

Kanivu scheme was though launched by President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, but it is a completely state operated scheme. The state government will be funded the scheme as a whole. The scheme has bagged Rs. 100/- Cr as initial budget from the total public health care budget in the year 2016-17. The total budget spend in public health care by the state government is Rs. 1013.11 Cr.

Kanivu Scheme – Quick Review

Scheme name Kanivu Scheme
Launched by Mr. Pranab Mukherjee
Launched in Kerala
Launched on February 2016
Beneficiaries Old mental patients who are bed ridden
Aim To provide medical facilities to these patients
Facilities Medicine, treatment, shelter, rehabilitation
Other facilities Low rate medicines in medical stores
Budget Rs. 100 Cr
Funding By Kerala government
Stipend paid Rs. 1000 per person

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