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Common people, especially the poor find it difficult to arrange money to purchase medicines from private drug stores. It was not possible to streamline the medical and health care facilities in the nation without removing this handicap. Thus, the central government came up with a scheme, wherein, it will sell common medicines to the patients at affordable rates. These stores will bring down the profit margin, and offer medication at low costs.

Launch details

The central government’s Pharmaceuticals Department spearheaded the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Yojana Kendra or the PMBJP scheme. The health care scheme was announced by the present PM of the nation, Narendra Modi. The official implementation of this unique program was done during the financial year 2015 – 2016.  The implementation of this scheme was the responsibility of the Ministry of Chemical and fertilizers. The yojana was set in motion with the view that it will bring medical treatment and medicines within the easy reach of common people.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Implementation of the scheme – As per the draft of this program, the Janaushadhi stores will be established in all parts of the nation. The authority will try to open more of these stores to ensure proper supply of drugs.
  2. Owners of the stores – These stores can be opened by individuals, as well as any organization or NGOs. The guidelines of opening these outlets will vary according to the type of ownership.
  3. Location of the stores – Generally, one Janaushadhi store will be opened and operated in the premise of every government as well as private hospital. Apart from this, these Janaushadhi stores can be located in any other place as well.
  4. Medical supplies will be available – These special medication stores will not only offer drugs, but will also sell other medical tools and surgical equipment.
  5. Affordability – The main reason for the creation of Janaushadhi stores and this entire scheme is to offer scheduled and therapeutic drugs, to common people, at affordable prices.
  6. Private and government drug companies – These special drug stores will sell medications, which are manufactured by the state or central government affiliated companies, as well as those corporations, which are under private ownership.
  7. Quality control of medicines – To ensure that people get the best drugs at cheap rates, regular checks will be carried out on the medicine samples. These will be done by state government as well as private labs.
  8. Special financial facilities – Any organization or person that is interested in opening a Janaushadhi store will receive special credit and financial facilities from the state government.

Jan Aushadhi Store details

  1. Working hours of these stores – The Janaushadhi stores are like any other drug outlet. These sell generic medicines. The stores open at 8 am in the morning and remain open till 8 pm at night. The working hours are like any other normal store.
  2. Types of medicine available – All kinds of over the counter and scheduled medicines will be available from the Janaushadhi stores.
  3. Availability of surgical equipment – Apart from medicines, these stores will also sell various kinds of equipment. Normal medical tools, syringes and other apparatus will be sold at these stores.
  4. Need for prescription – Normal over the counter drugs can be acquired from these Janaushadhi stores without any prescription. In case you require any scheduled medicines, you need to produce a prescription, issued by a registered doctor.
  5. Drugs procurement and supply – Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertakings of India or the BPPI will need to cooperate with the medicine distributers and sellers to maintain a list of all medicines. It will assist in continuing the cycle of drug procurement and supply.
  6. Checking quality of medicines – To maintain the high quality of the medicines and medical tools, available in these stores, regular checks are made. The owners get the drugs, which are in high demand. Logs show the manufacture and expiry date of these drugs.

Requirement for opening store

  1. Submission of application forms – Proper application forms must be filled and submitted to get the permits to run these stores. There are two ways to attain the application forms – online and offline. and http://janaushadhi.gov.in/data/Application%20Form.pdf will help in online and offline application submission respectively.
  2. Requirement for space – It has been mentioned in the draft that the store must not be less than 120 sq ft in area. The store may be acquired on rent or can be purchased by the individual owner or organization.
  3. Necessary permits and documents – Apart from the above mentioned requirements, one must also acquire all necessary licenses, permits and legal documents.

Documents necessary for the scheme

  1. Space lease papers – It is mandatory for the Janaushadhi store owners to submit proper documents, which prove that the owners have legal right over the store space. They can either purchase the store or get in on lease. Either way, the store owners must submit ownership papers.
  2. Drug license – As per the rule, any store that sells medicines must have special drug licenses. The same is true for the Janaushadhi stores. The drug license is issued by the Pharmaceutical department.
  3. Medicine sale license – Special sale permits are also necessary for selling drugs from the Janaushadhi stores. Each store must also have a person who has B Pharma or D Pharma degree.
  4. PAN card – The PAN card of the owner or the organization that is responsible for the operation of the Janaushadhi store, must be submitted. Without this, the authority will not give the permit to sell medicines.
  5. Aadhar Card – Whether the owner of the medicine store is a person, an agency or an organization, submission of the Aadhar Card that notifies the authority about the identification of the owner is a must.
  6. Bank account details – The owner of the medicine store must have an active bank account. The last 3 years’ bank details must be submitted to the respective authority. Once these papers have been checked, the owner will get the permission to open the Janaushadhi store.

Eligibility: Who can open a Janaushadhi store?

  1. Individual efforts – It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that pharmacists who do not have any jobs, registered doctors and therapeutic practitioners and individuals, will be able to open Janaushadhi stores.
  2. Any particular organization – Apart from individuals, NGOs, private health care centers, self-help groups, societies and trusts will also be able to open these affordable medicine stores as well.
  3. Selected agencies – The central government has given the state government the power to pick some agencies. Only the selected agencies will be able to establish Janaushadhi stores, within the boundary of the state.

Process to open Kendra

  1. By any individual – In case any individual desires to open a Janaushadhi store, then he/she must follow a certain set of guidelines and procedure code. The link http://janaushadhi.gov.in/data/Individuals_December_2016.pdf will give any interested candidate the necessary details.
  2. By any organization – Several organizations or groups also have the power to open and operate these medicine stores. The link http://janaushadhi.gov.in/data/NGO_December_2016.pdf will provide all necessary details.
  3. By agencies selected by the state – The state authority will be able to pick out any particular store that can sell these medicines at affordable rates. Clicking on the link http://janaushadhi.gov.in/data/State_December_2016.pdf will give you direct access to the guidelines.
  4. Mobile medical store – The link http://janaushadhi.gov.in/data/Mobile%20Jan%20Aushadhi%20Store.pdf will offer an interested candidate access to guidelines, which will come in handy to open a mobile drug store.

Financial assistance from the authority

Within hospital premises

  1. A one-time financial support of Rs. 2.5 lakhs is offered to any individual or organization that is interested in opening a Jan aushadhi store.
  2. Rs 1 lakh from this sum will be offered to the store owner to attain the necessary furniture and to meet refurbishment costs.
  3. Medicine worth Rs. 1 lakh will be supplied to the store owners to open the outlet.
  4. The space necessary to open the store will be given free of cost to the owner, if the outlet is located within the premises of the government or private hospital.
  5. The store owner will also require computer, internet connection, and printers to start the service. For meeting these costs, the store owners will get a sum of Rs. 0.5 lakhs.

Outside the hospital premises

  1. In case the individual medicine store owner or the organization is interested in opening the store in any other location that is not within the hospital premises, then they need to arrange their own space.
  2. The store owners will also attain an amount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. It will be offered at 15% of total monthly medicine sale. The highest celling for this sale value will be Rs. 10,000 and the total cannot cross the 2.5 lakhs mark. In case the Janaushadhi store is located in naxalite area or in North Eastern states, then the highest sale mark will be Rs. 15,000.
  3. In case the owner of the store hails from a weaker community, like OBC, ST or SC, then state authority will provide free medicines worth Rs. 50,000. It will be given in addition to the allotted 2.5 lakhs. The same rule will be applicable to medicine store owners who suffer from any handicap.
  4. Apart from this, special credit facilities will also be offered to the Janaushadhi store owners.

Helpline details of the scheme

One can attain all necessary information from the official helpline link of the scheme. The address of the official webpage is janaushadhi.gov.in. One can also attain details about the medicine stores by calling the number 011-49431800 and 1800-180-8080. Apart from this, the office is located at:

8th Floor, Videocon Tower

Block E-1

Jhandewalan Extension

New Delhi-110055

Jan Aushadhi Store location

As of now, 956 Janaushadhi stores have been opened all over the nation. The official webpage of the central Pharmaceutical Department will offer you a direct link to acquire the names, address and contact details of all these stores. Click on the link http://janaushadhi.gov.in/jan_aushadhi_stores.html and get the detailed district wise store details.

A high percentage of people in India fall under the poverty line. The government hospitals offer free diagnosis, but when it comes to purchasing the medicines, the patients face the same financial handicap. More Janaushadhi stores in all parts of the country will ensure easy availability of generic drugs, at inexpensive rates. Steps must be taken to open more such counters in India.


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