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Sneher Parash Scheme in West Bengal (Corono Money to Migrant Worker from other state in WB) 2020 (1000 rs for Bengali workers in other states, Pocket Money, DBT, How to apply/register, Eligibility, Amount, Migrant Worker Labour, Mobile App APK Download Install Online Android)

Thousands of migrant workers travel to the other Indian state from West Bengal in search of better employment opportunities. However, the central government was forced to announce the nation-wide lockdown to contain the Coronavirus pandemic. All forms of inter-state transports were stopped. Thus, the migrant labors, hailing from West Bengal were trapped in these states, without job, money or other means of survival. The state government came up launched a financial relied scheme for the migrant labors. As per the guidelines of Sneher Paras Scheme, the beneficiaries will attain financial assistance.

Name of the schemeSneher Paras Scheme
Launched inWest Bengal
Launched byMamata Banerjee
Launch date20th April 2020
Implementation date20th April 2020
Last date for application3rd May 2020
Target beneficiariesMigrant labors
Official website
App nameSneher Paras App

Benefits of the scheme

  1. The West Bengal Finance Department has formed a special relief fund for the migrant labors. The monetary grant will provide financial security to the stranded labors.
  2. Each beneficiary will attain Rs. 1000.
  3. It is a one-time grant that will help the migrant labors to meet their expenses.
  4. The funds will be transferred in the bank account of the applicant.
  5. The interested candidates can apply for the grant through the official portal.
  6. The West Bengal government has also launched an app for aiding the registration process. The name of this app is Sneher Paras App.

Eligibility for application

  1. The applicant must be needs to be a legal resident of West Bengal.
  2. The scheme is only applicable for those who fall in the migrant labor category.
  3. Only those labors, trapped in the other states, will be allowed to attain the perks of this scheme.
  4. Applicants, who do not have the necessary documents, will not be able to register.
  5. The financial grant will be released once the DM confirms the identity of the applicant.

Details and documents necessary for registration

  1. Present address and permanent address
  2. Aadhar card
  3. Migrant labor certificate
  4. Mobile number
  5. Details of the bank account
  6. Recent photograph of the applicant
  7. Other personal details like name of parents, gender and age of the applicant etc.
  8. Contact details of a relative or family member, who resides in West Bengal.

Application through the official portal

  1. The interested candidate will have to click on the link It will take him to the official website.
  2. Below the banner, the candidate will spot the name of the scheme. There he will see two options. He must click on the button that is marked as “Download.”
  3. It will trigger the process of downloading the Sneher Paras App.
  4. Once the app has been downloaded, the candidate must install the app in the mobile.
  5. He must activate the app by typing in the mobile number. It will generate an OTP. It must be typed in the respective field for completing the verification.
  6. The app will bring up the application guidelines. These instructions are available in both Bengali and English.
  7. The candidate must click on the “Apply Now” tab to proceed.
  8. Then the applicant must pick any one of the three mode of identification verification. One is via Aadhar Code, the second is with Voter Card, and the third is with the Digital Ration Card.
  9. Once an option has been selected, the candidate will get access to the app-based registration form.
  10. After typing in the personal details, the candidate must click on the “Save and Proceed” button.
  11. Then the candidate must type in the bank account details either through NEFT or UPI.
  12. After providing the bank details, the applicant must complete the verification process once more.
  13. The last step is to submit and save the application form.

Verification and approval modes

  1. Department of Disaster Management of the state has been chosen as the monitoring body of the scheme.
  2. The applicants will be sent to the office of the respective DMs and Municipality Commissioners.
  3. It is the responsibility of the government officers to ensure the authenticity of the applications.
  4. Once the local verification is complete, the DMs will prepare the beneficiary list.
  5. These lists will be sent to the Department of Disaster Management. The officers will issue the benefit payment order.
  6. These mandates will be sent to the banks, which will deposit the money in the bank account of the beneficiary.
  7. Once the financial grant has been transferred in the account, the applicant will get an SMS notification.

FAQ about the scheme

  1. What is the application duration for the scheme?

Ans: The migrant labors from West Bengal will be able to submit the application anytime between 20th April and 3rd May, 2020.

  • For whom has the scheme been developed by the state government?

Ans: The Chief Minister of West Bengal mentioned that only migrant labors, trapped in other states will be able to obtain the grant.

  • What is the total grant amount?

Ans: Each migrant labor, who becomes the beneficiary of this project, will acquire Rs. 1000 from the West Bengal government.

  • Is there an app for getting scheme-related details?

Ans: Yes. The West Bengal government has already launched the Sneher Paras App for creating awareness about the scheme.

  • What is the primary mode of enrollment?

Ans: It has been clearly stated in the official announcement that interested migrant labors will have to download the scheme app and register through that.

  • From which link can one gain access to the Sneher Paras App?

Ans: If anyone in interested in downloading the Sneher Paras App, then he/she must log in on the official portal of West Bengal, by clicking on the link


The implementation of the scheme has come as a ray of hope for the migrant labors during this precarious situation. The Chief Minister of the state has urged the migrant labors to stay at their current location. After 3rd May, the state authority will make special vehicular arrangements to bring these stranded labors home.

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