Jharkhand Johar Yojana (Jharkhand’s Opportunities for Harnessing Rural Development)

Jharkhand Johar Yojana (Jharkhand’s Opportunities for Harnessing Rural Development)

The state government of Jharkhand has announced the launch of the new Johar scheme (Jharkhand’s Opportunities for Harnessing Rural Development) within the state. Under the new implementation the government aims at helping people belonging to backward class in the society financially. It shall be offering with all possible assistance to these people to help improve their social status within the coming years.

Jharkhand Johar Yojana

Launch Details

  • First and fore-most, the new scheme was officially passed by the CM Shri Raghubar Das and his Cabinet of Minister’s officially in the meeting held on 17th Jul 2017.
  • Lately it has been announced by the state government that the new implementation of the scheme will be functional for the fiscal year 2017 – 18 for the benefit of the people.

Key features

  • Benefit to needy – Under the new scheme the state government aims at bringing up the status of the people belonging to BPL categories. Through various schemes introduced under Johar scheme the government will ensure that needy people are provided with daily needs.
  • Job opportunities – The state government will also focus on creating more job positions in various government run departments so the unemployed youth of the state will be able to get employment opportunities in these departments.
  • Assistance for daughter’s marriage – The government of Jharkhand will also offer with all possible financial assistance to the BPL category people and family members so they can get their daughters married at the legal age. The state government has introduced a number of schemes related to this under Johar Yojana.
  • Benefit for married couple – Under the new implementations the government has also announced that it shall be providing newly married couple with Rs 11,000 each for getting started with their married life. It is also clear that over 272 couples will be offered with this benefit.
  • Financial assistance to small entrepreneurs – The Jharkhand government will also be offering the unemployed youth in the state with financial assistance as loan of Rs 4 lakh so they can set up a poultry farm for themselves within the state.
  • Income opportunities – The government will also make arrangements such that the eggs produced by the youths in their poultry farms will be purchased by the government agencies itself at best rate so they get an opportunity to earn profits and income.
  • Livelihood opportunities – With introduction of multiple schemes in the state the government will also ensure that more job opportunities are created for the unemployed youth such that they can get involved with the government in purchasing and supplying eggs from government agencies.
  • Affordable supply centers – With the implementation the state government also aims at setting up centers to help people belonging to BPL families such that they can purchase sugar and other daily need house items for cheaper and affordable rates.
  • Other benefits – With scheme introduced the government aims at providing with better education benefits like touring for students and affordable housing for poor people of the state. Besides, youth’s can also take advantage of government internship plans offered.

Eligibility criteria

  • To take full benefit under the Johar Yojana the applicant has to be a resident of the Jharkhand state by birth. He will have to prove with his or her permanent resident-ship of the state.
  • The government has also made it very clear that the benefit will only be provided to the candidate or family who belongs to the BPL category (Below Poverty Line).
  • According to the statements the benefit can also be claimed by the newly wed couples of the state who are from BPL category.


The state government of Jharkhand has also sanctioned a set budget of Rs 40 crore that shall be used for the implementation of the Johar Jharkhand scheme for the fiscal year 2017-18.

How to apply

Any candidate who is eligible and wants to apply under the scheme for registration he can visit the official Jharkhand state government web portal and look around for Johar Yojana 2017-18. Candidates can also collect more information related to the scheme from the web portal regarding documents required and benefits. Once all details have been collected you can get registered using the online application form provided.

Helpline number

In case any candidate is interested in collecting more information or registering a complaint the state government has set up a helpline toll free number 181.

With the launch of the Johar scheme the state government of Jharkhand has made its motive very clear. The government aims at improving the social status of poor and needy people from backward class so they can get employment benefits and source of income to help take care of the needs of their family. Apart from this, the government also made its motive clear related to girl child belonging to BPL families by offering with financial assistance at the time of marriage.

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