Kanyashree Yojana in West Bengal

Kanyashree Yojana in West Bengal

Remarkably, West Bengal has a high frequency of child marriage, most important to high school drop-outs, mainly from IX to XII classes because of early marriages of girls. To solve this problem Mamata Banerjee government’s flagship to Kanyashree Yojana West Bengal launched earlier has already received whopping six lakh applications. Under this scheme government plan to cover 24 lakh girls so that they can take benefit of education and their marriage get delayed at least up to 18 yrs old. But is expected that application will for this scheme will increase beyond the target.

Mamata Banerjee government starts doing welfare for girls by providing freebies like cycles, shoes and school bags. On the other hand, the biggest crowd puller has turned out to be the government’s direct cash transfer scheme for girls — the Kanyashree Prakalpa. This one of best scheme for girls by Mamata Banerjee governments

Target of the Scheme:

This scheme is basically for unmarried girls who are under 18. This is basically to motivate the family for girl’s education. Under this scheme amount of Rs. 25,000 will be transfer in girl’s bank account directly and after that they will get RS 500 yearly for their education cost. To take benefit of this scheme girl student will apply in K2 forms which are accessible from her Institution. The main purpose of this scheme is discouraging early marriage of girls to make sure compliance with the legal provisions pertaining to the minimum age at marriage, and decreasing the frequency of drop outs, particularly in the middle of girls from poor families.

Who will take benefit of this scheme?

  • All the school going girls of West Bengal who are within the age limit of 13 to 19 years and too studying in classes from IX to XII are eligible. However, all the girls who are studying in schools must be unmarried for availing benefits under this scheme.
  • Girls who are from families with annual income up to Rs 120000/- only, who are considered as the BPL families in the state and the Girls whose attendance is almost complete in school are eligible to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  • Girls who take part in education or vocational/sports training and Girls who belong to Child Care Institutes and are of within the age of 18 to19 years
  • For receiving the one time scholarship under this scheme, girls who are completed their 18 years of age on or after 1st April 2013 are eligible.
  • For applying to this scheme, the respective girl student’s parents should apply in online where they supposed to fill K1 and K2 application forms.

Documents that are required when submitted the application form (K1, K2):-

  • Certificate from school principal which verify that you are student of class and also Certificate showing that girl is unmarried because this scheme is basically unmarried girls
  • Candidate Passport size photo, Candidate Age proof certificate required for the application and Income certificate of parents which should not be more then Rs 120000/-
  • One of most important thing before submitting the above mention document must be tested by Gazetted Officer who may be MP/MLA, Counselor, and Pradhan of G.P.

As per the data released by the government end, approximately 18 Lakhs girl students applied for the benefits of receiving for annual scholarship each year under this girl children welfare scheme and approximately 3.5 Lakh girl students applied for one time grant for Rs. 25 thousand per year. It is estimated that by around 9 lakh girl students from the state of west Bengal has availed benefits under this Kanyashree scheme with in the span of 4 months from which the scheme gets implemented.

With this innovative schemes, the girl’s life standards in the state of west Bengal will get improved in nearby future and already the scheme shows positive results as it boosted the number of girl children going to schools and school dropouts  of girl children gets reduced in notable figure. It is assured that because of such welfare scheme introduced by the state government of West Bengal the status of women will be improved in the society very soon.


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