Karnataka Election 2018 [BJP 111, Congress 71 JDS 38 till 12:34 PM]

Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Results [15th May 2018]

India is a democratic nation, where the common people have the power to write the fate of the political parties. They cast their votes and bring one party to power, while the others assume the position of the opponent parties. The Assembly Election in Karnataka had just concluded. Here are some important details to keep you with current happenings, in case you missed out on all the action.

Karnataka Election 2018

[BJP 111, Congress 71 JDS 38 till 12:43 PM]

Pooling date for 2018 Election

The Karnataka Election Commission announced that Legislative Assembly election will take place all over the state, on the 12th of May, 2018. A high percentage of people turned out to cast their vote in the favor of the party they believe will be able to bring about progress in the state. After only one day, on the 15th May, the fate of Karnataka’s political scenario will be announced.

Two main contesting parties

Though there are a number of independent candidates, and smaller parties, the Karnataka Election of 2018 will be a contest between the Indian Nation Congress and the Bhatia Janata Party. Currently, the state is under the leadership of INC’s candidate Siddaramaiah. His main competitor is none other than BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa.

Election Campaign

As soon as the date of Karnataka election was announced, all parties, contesting in the election started their campaign. As mentioned, INC and BJP are the two heavy weights in the 2018 election. To attract the attention of the common people, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi came down to Karnataka to take part in the BJP campaign. It took place on the 12th of May. BJP left no stone unturned, and organized a whopping 15 gatherings during 5 days only.

Important details related to the poll

Release of Election Notification 17th April, 2018
Last Date to submit Nomination 24th April, 2018
Verification of Nomination Papers 25th April, 2018
Last date for Nomination Withdrawal 27th April, 2018
Total Polling Stations 56,696
Date of Actual Poll 12th May, 2018
Total Seats 224
Number of Electoral 4.9 crore
Declaration of Poll Results 15th May, 2018
Parliamentary constituencies 28
Current Ruling Party INC

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