KG to PG Scheme Telangana

KG to PG Scheme Telangana

The very newly formed state Telengana has made a lot of efforts towards growth and development of the state since it’s become an independent one in 2014. Along with several schemes for the background classes the state government has keen to boost up the most important sector that is education system of the state. South Indian states, especially Kerala, have always been the leading states in regard to education and literacy rate. Talking about Kerala, it is one such state in the nation where female literacy rate is maximum which is no doubt a huge achievement towards the growth and development of the state. On the other Telengana failed to match up with other south Indian states when it comes to education. But in recent times the scenario seems to be changing as the state government has launched a new education scheme called KG to PG Scheme. Under this scheme students will get a bunch of facilities related to education.

KG to PG Scheme Telangana

Education Structure in Telengana

As said that the literacy rate is quite low in Telengana compared to other South Indian states. Currently the state has lowest female literacy rate of only 57.9% in overall state whereas Kerala has more than 91%. The same scenario can be seen in case of male literacy rate. Telengana has only 75% literate men whereas other states have more than 90% on an average.

Another unfortunate thing in Telengana state is the rate of school drop outs is way too high compared to other neighbouring states from South India. A recent study says that the rate of school drop outs shows a steady rate of more than 53% which is quite high in respect to other states in the southern part of the nation. Hyderabad, the capital city of Telengana has the maximum rate of literate people i.e., 80%.

KG to PG Scheme in Telengana

Looking at the current educational structure in Telengana, the state government has taken an initiative to bring up the literacy rate and develop the educational system in the state. The new scheme namely KG to PG scheme has started in the state to provide free education to the students, especially females, from primary school to higher education. The state has partnered with government schools, colleges, universities across the state to implement the program for the betterment of the educational system.

Many people stop their education or stop sending their children to school for financial crisis. As a solution the government took this step to offer free education so that people don’t need to spend a much on their children’s education.

KG to PG Scheme Key Features

  • Telengana state government started an education based scheme in the year 2014. According to the scheme namely KG to PG Scheme, students will get free education from their KG standard up to higher education of Post Graduation time.
  • The scheme aims to educate as much as people staying in the state. As mentioned that the literacy rate in the state is comparatively lower than other states nearby, the government has taken this movement to bring up the literacy rate.
  • Under this scheme schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions will be joined together. Mainly the scheme has launched in government sponsored institutions. All these educational institutes will start up the scheme to provide free education to the students.
  • Under this scheme new technology, latest trends and modern infrastructures will be introduced in all the educational institutes so that students can learn things more properly. Also by introducing new technologies students as well as teachers will be able to cope up with the modern era.
  • The scheme is launched by the state government. The entire funding and the budget allotted for the scheme will be given by the state government only.
  • Under this scheme not only the ordinary students but also there will be special programs for the students who belong to backward classes. As the scheme is all about providing free education, the state will also concentrate on the people come from economically weaker sections of the society.
  • There will be several programs, workshops and classroom education that will be provided to the students. The authority has said that to make them educated they need much more than just bookish knowledge. So they are trying to introduce different programs to start off the scheme.
  • Under this scheme the authority will make sure that the student-teacher ratio must remain synchronised. Because lack of teachers can harm the system. In most of schools in Telengana has this problem where there is no enough teaching staff to teach students. It seems under this scheme the authority will take care of this issue at the first place.

KG to PG Scheme Objective

  • The main objective of the scheme is to increase the rate of literacy in the state. As much as people get educated in the state, it will lead to steady growth in other sectors as well. The scheme is one such step taken by the government towards the development of the independent state.
  • Another aim of the scheme is to provide proper education to the people who belong to economically weaker groups in the society. Most of them have to stop their education or have to drop out from the school due to financial crisis. The scheme will give them ample opportunity to continue their education under this scheme.
  • Also with this scheme the schools, colleges and universities will get proper access to new and latest technologies and more developed infrastructure. Having such facilities will help the institutions to grow more in future.
  • Finally the scheme will lead to generate more employment opportunities for the teaching staffs and other non-teaching staffs in all the educational institutions across the state.

KG to PG Scheme Implementation

  • Schools under every constituency – According to the rule of the scheme, each and every constituency in Telengana has to have at least one school under it. Currently the state has total 119 constituents and as per the scheme at least the state has to have 119 school minimum that will have proper education provisions for the students.
  • Teachers’ Training – As the scheme promises that there will be new and latest infrastructure and technology will be introduced in every school and college under the scheme, the teachers will also be given proper training before they start teaching students. Also the pattern of teaching must be changed to more of interacting sessions than general classroom studies.
  • Medium of Study – As per the scheme, the medium of the study in primary section will be in Telegu. Up to 5th standard the student will get to learn subjects in local language, after 6th standard till post graduation the medium will be in English.
  • Division of Sections – Under this scheme there will be two sections in the primary section that is from KG to 5th standard, and then there will be 3 sections from 6th standard to rest of the classes. Each section must contain at least 40 students.
  • Teacher-student ratio – As mentioned that currently it is a huge issue in the state schools that there is not enough number of teachers in the schools compared to students. The scheme will aim to appoint enough teachers and professors in schools and colleges to provide proper education to all the students.
  • New Technology and Amenities – each school under this scheme will be having new and latest technologies that will help students to enjoy their studies and also it will open up opportunities for them to match up with other states’ students.

KG to PG Scheme Funding

The scheme is completely funded by the government of Telengana. As per the latest reports the state has allotted Rs. 10, 738 Cr for this scheme in current financial year. Though the amount looks huge for a scheme but unfortunately it is not enough as the scheme provides free education till post graduation. Higher studies do cost more than what we expect. Providing free services to all the students from KG standard to PG standard will not be possible with this tiny budget. On the other only 9.7% on an average of the total budget of the state is being allotted to the education sector which is also very low.

Launch in Telengana
Launch by State government
Launch on December 2014
Benefits To provide free education from KG to PG
Fund 10,738 Cr.
Aim Bring up the literacy rate


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