Khushi Scheme Odisha provide Free Sanitary Napkins to 17 lakh Girl Students

 ‘Khushi’ Scheme Odisha provide Free Sanitary Napkins pads to 17 lakh Girl Students

With an aim to help educate the rural women and girl students regarding maintenance of personal hygiene, the State government of Odisha has announced to run a drive termed as “Khushi” scheme. Under the new scheme the government aims distributing free of cost Sanitary napkins to the girls students within the state. Under the initiative the government will ensure to distribute the napkins in selected schools within the state.

Khushi Scheme Odisha

Launch details

As part of the new drive, the announcement was officially made by the Chief Minister of the state Naveen Patnaik. The announcement was officially made at the time of addressing Universal provision for over 17 lakh girls in the state schools.

Key Features

  • Aims – The government aims that using the above mentioned method the government will be able to create the awareness amongst girls at their adolescent age. This drive will also ensure the girls are aware of the use of sanitary napkins and thus will also help in retaining more number of girl students in state schools.
  • Beneficiary – As per the statements collected the government has announced to offer the benefit to the girl students of the state. The benefit will be made available for any girl student who is studying from Grade 6th to 12th in the state schools.
  • The government has also stated that under the new drive the government aims at educating the girls and creating awareness amongst them at the right age about maintaining personal hygiene.
  • With the above mentioned initiative the state government aims at boosting the women empowerment within the state of Odisha and expanding the idea of social marketing for the Sanitary napkin product.
  • The state government of Odisha with the above mentioned drive aims that the women and girls in the rural communities will thus be able to get benefit of the scheme.

For Odisha state government creating awareness amongst the women and girls is the main idea behind implementing the Khushi scheme. By running above mentioned drive sate wide the government aims at successfully implementing the scheme.

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